NewBlueFX Visual Effects and Transitions

California-based NewBlueFX creates plug-ins for video and audio editing software packages. Its non-linear video software hosts include Adobe After Effects and Premiere, Apple Final Cut Pro and Motion, Avid's line of non-linear editors, Corel VideoStudio, Grass Valley EDIUS, MAGIX products, Pinnacle Studio and Sony Vegas. Its products run on both Intel Macs and Windows PCs.

  1. Art Blends and Effects

    • The NewBlue Art Blends and Art Effects packages each include 10 sets of effects that use color shifts and reductions, detail and edge enhancement, blurs, glows and contrast adjustments to emulate natural effects and stylized treatments. Both packages include Color Melt and Duochrome. Art Blends adds Color Wash, Contrast, Glow, Halo, Metallic, Shiny Fog, Sketch and Vivid. Art Effects includes Air Brush, Colorize, Dream Glow, Ghost, Hand Draw, Line Drawing, Metallic and Pastel Sketch.

    Film Effects

    • With five filters that include 81 presets, NewBlue Film Effects help you transform digital footage by adding the artifacts of archival film. You can emulate a jerkily hand-cranked camera or poorly maintained projector, add the look of damaged emulsion or simulate the effects acquired over long periods of film storage. The package also can simulate the color characteristics of classic film stocks. Film Effects spans Film Camera, Film Damage, Film Look and Film Pro, plus Film Express, which unifies the highlights of the other filters into one user interface.

    Light Blends and Effects

    • NewBlue Light Blends and Light Effects each provide more than 100 presets to alter luminosity, saturation and color for stylized footage treatment. From strobing lights to glows, flares, light bursts and blurs, these packages add drama and flare. Both packages include Glow Pro, Light Bender, Neon Lights, Psycho Strobe and RGB Shift. Light Blends adds Light Ring, Photon Blast, Plasma Glow, Scanner and Traveling Rays. Light Effects includes Flicker, Light Rays, Mirage, Spinning Light and Starlight.

    Motion Blends and Effects

    • NewBlue Motion Blends and Motion Effects each span 10 filters to add camera shake, simulate an earthquake and alter footage with vertigo-inspired blurs and zooms, warps and ripples. Motion Blends includes Liquify, Roll, Shake, Shear, Shredder, Smear, Spin, Twirl, Wave and Zoom. Motion Effects includes Active Camera, Earthquake, Motion Blur, Ripple, Rolling Waves, Shear Energy, Spin Blur, Warp, Wiggle and Zoom Blur.

    Paint Blends and Effects

    • Twelve treatment categories in the NewBlue Paint Effects and 12 in the Paint Blends package simulate the look of brushed artwork and drawings executed using various natural media. The treatments use edge detection, color reduction, blurring and saturation adjustments to achieve their looks. Both packages offer Cartoonr Plus, Charcoal, Colored Pencil, Halovision Plus, Impressionist, Mosaic, Oil, Paper Collage, Pencil Rubbing, Posterize and Water Color. Paint Blends also offers Dot Matrix; Paint Effects include Mural.

    3D Transitions

    • Two NewBlueFX packages, each with 13 transitions, cover 3D Explosions and 3D Transformations. You can bounce, explode, blast, wiggle, grid-dissolve, fold, flip, rotate and more with these motion-based processing options. 3D Explosions includes Blow Apart, Bouncing Cubes, Bouncing Frames, Box Explode, Confetti, Grid Blast, Grid Explosion, Grid Fall Away, Intensity Grid, Spiral, Spiral Rotation, Vortex and Wiggle. 3D Transformations spans Box Fold, Checker Board, Comb, Flip, Fly Away, Louver Grid, Louvers, Magic Carpet, Page Turn, Pizza Boxes, Rotating Frames, Spiral Bounce and Twist.

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