What Are P2K Programs?

Paragon 2000 programs, better known as P2K programs, are software applications that assist a personal computer with identifying and linking to a Motorola mobile phone through the device's USB port. P2K programs, or drivers, are available for download from the Motorola website and are used on computers that do not run a Microsoft Windows operating system.

  1. Background

    • Paragon 2000 programs were the original versions of the drivers that link Motorola phones to a personal computer. The programs have given way to the Paragon 2005 and USB LAN programs, which are still referred to as P2K programs. Prior to the arrival of P2K programs, Motorola phones could only interface with Windows-based computers, and used the Motorola Phone Tools application suite to do so. At the time of publication, P2K programs are primarily used to link older Motorola mobile phones to a computer.


    • P2K programs enable Motorola mobile phones to share files and applications with a computer, and to synchronize data between the devices. The devices achieve this process through a USB cable connection. P2K programs act as the facilitator of this process, making the exchange possible. As data is transferred between the phone and the computer, P2K programs interface with the other applications and files on the devices to organize the exchanged information.

    P2K05 and USB LAN

    • The Paragon 2005 programs, better known as P2K05 programs, replaced the original P2K programs and eventually gave way to Motorola’s USB LAN programs. P2K05 programs worked in the same manner as the P2K programs, but provided the tools necessary for Motorola phones produced after the release of the P2K programs. At the time of publication, most Motorola mobile phones come with USB LAN functionality that enables Motorola devices to connect to a computer in a basic plug-and-play fashion.

    Miscellaneous Info

    • Motorola mobile phones are the only devices that require the use of P2K programs. With the subsequent releases of Motorola’s newer mobile phone models, the need for P2K programs diminishes. Some organizations, such as the California Institute of Technology, have devised complementary programs to help Motorola phone users to seamlessly integrate the P2K and P2K05 functions and features without the need of additional software or drivers. Cal Tech’s program is known as LibParagon and is available to consumers.

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