Why Won't SAI Paint Tool Let Me Select Parts of My Pictures?


Paint Tool SAI is a graphics art program that allows you to create and edit digital images for websites, documents and computer projects. Although the program was originally released in Japan, the developers have translated it into English, allowing users from across the world to work with the software. Paint Tool SAI includes many features that are standard in graphic art programs, such as selection tools and layer capabilities. If you are unable to select parts of your pictures, you must ensure you have the proper settings and layers in use.

About Selection Tools

  • Paint Tool SAI includes a number of different selection tools, such as the Lasso Tool, Magic Wand Tool and Selection Tool. These tools allow you to highlight a specific area within your picture so that your changes only affect the graphics within the selection. The Selection Tool draws a rectangular selection on your image while the Lasso Tool allows you to draw a free-hand shape selection. The Magic Wand Tool allows you to click within a closed area and select all objects that are the same or similar color.

Magic Wand Tool Issues

  • If you select the Magic Wand Tool and click on your image without changing the default settings, the whole image will turn blue, indicating the Wand selected the whole picture. If you want to change the Magic Wand so that it only selects a certain area of the image, click the tool and change the settings within the toolbar to “Color Difference.” Click on the slider bar under “Color Difference” and drag it to the left to increase the tool’s sensitivity to color. When you click on the image again, the Magic Wand Tool should now only select a certain area that contains the same or similar colors. You can continue to adjust the Color Difference slider if you need to change the tool’s selection sensitivity.

Layers and Selections

  • Paint Tool SAI allows you to create multiple floating layers on top of each other as you create your image. When you make changes to one layer, it will not affect the images on the other layers, which gives you the freedom to alter your picture without editing the original. When you attempt to make a selection and you are using multiple layers to edit your picture, ensure that you are working on the proper layer. Click the layer from the layer window on the left side of the screen to choose it, and then use the selection tool to select the part of that layer you want to edit.

Linework Selections

  • If you have a linework layer in your image and you want to select a specific part of the linework, you must use a different selection setting. Use the Selection Tool to choose a section of your linework that you want to change. Click the “Selection” menu and choose either “Select CPs in Selection” or “Select Strokes in Selection.” The linework points or strokes will turn red, indicating your selection, and allow you to edit them with other tools.

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