The Currently Installed Sound Card Driver Does Not Support Direct Sound in Adobe Premiere CS3


Adobe Premiere CS3 is a video editing software application that allows users to make movies by editing film and audio clips. Like many software programs, Premiere CS3 requires certain components in order to work properly with your computer. If you don't have the proper components, or your settings for these components is incongruous with CS3's requirements, you may get a sound card driver error.

What Are Drivers?

  • Before you can fully understand the sound card driver error with Adobe CS3, you must first understand what a driver is. Simply put, a driver is a piece of software that comes with a piece of hardware, which allows that hardware to communicate with a computer's operating system. All hardware devices that connect to computers have drivers. The sound card driver is responsible for relaying communications between the sound card and any of the computer's apps or other hardware devices that need to interact with it.

Updating Sound Card Driver

  • Because drivers are pieces of software, they're designed to be updated. If the sound card driver that's currently installed on your computer isn't properly communicating with Adobe Premiere CS3, updating it may solve your problem. To update your driver right-click Computer under the Start menu, and select Device Manager. Click the Sound, Video and Game Controllers icon to reveal a list of your sound cards. Right-click each sound card and select Update Driver Software to get the latest drivers.

Configuring CS3 Settings

  • Not only do you have to have the proper sound card with the most updated drivers for Premiere CS3 to work, but you also have to have your software's settings configured correctly. If Premiere CS3 isn't configured to recognize the right sound card input, it may produce an error notifying you that your card card is incompatible or unrecognized. Make sure that Premiere CS3 is set to receive all ASIO sound card communications by opening the program, clicking Edit, and selecting Preferences, then Audio Hardware and finally ASIO Settings. Check the boxes next to all the device names to ensure that your sound card is being recognized by Adobe Premiere CS3.

Replacing the Sound Card

  • If updating your sound card and configuring your Adobe Premiere CS3 settings doesn't solve your problem, you may need an entirely new sound card. If you know how to replace your computer's sound card you can get an internal unit that fits inside one of your computer's PCI slots. If you don't feel confident taking your computer apart and replacing your sound card, you can attach an external sound card instead. This type of sound card plugs into one of your USB ports, so it's easy to install, but it's not as compact as an internal sound card. No matter its type, make sure that the sound card meets the compatibility requirements for Adobe Premiere CS3.

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