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As of January 2012, more than 500 million applications are available for download for free or purchase from Apple's App Store. One of them, LightBox, turns your device into a flashlight, magnifying glass, mirror or strobe light. Released Dec. 8, 2011, the 99-cent app has a five-star customer rating at the time of publication.

  1. Requirements

    • According to its developer, RD Productions, LightBox installation requires an iPhone 4 or 4S with iOS 5.0 and at least 3.2MB of storage space. On the iPhone 3G and 3GS, most of its effects are limited; it's also compatible with third- and fourth-generation iPod Touch devices and the iPad. If you install LightBox on an unsupported device or operating system, it may behave erratically or suddenly stop working.


    • RD Productions states that LightBox's MagLight effect is five times brighter "than any other older iPhone lights" and offers up to four times the brightness of the average consumer flashlight. The MagLight works in conjunction with two other effects in the LightBox app to brighten dimly lit areas and enhance the functions of the Magnify and Mirror effects. The MagLight only works with iPhone 4 and 4S models, however.


    • The Magnify effect uses the camera on the back of your iPhone to view and enlarge text and objects in environments such as restaurants or business meetings where you can't easily read small print. RD Productions explains that while the Magnify effect may cause "improved performance" when combined with an iPhone's auto-focus feature, this is the only effect from the LightBox app that works with the 3G and 3GS, and it won't be accompanied by the MagLight effect.


    • By using the built-in camera on the front of the iPhone, LightBox's Mirror effect displays your reflection as a video image on the screen, to use as a mirror. The Mirror uses the camera's zoom to enlarge the image and concentrate on specific areas, and because of the extra light from the MagLight, it can capture your reflection in complete darkness.


    • LightBox's Strobe effect uses bright light that pulsates from the back of the iPhone, which could prove helpful in situations where you need to alert others of possible danger. For example, if safety flares aren't available and your vehicle becomes disabled or needs roadside repair, the Strobe can signal passing drivers.

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