Wireless Network Dropped When Using Magic Jack


MagicJack is a voice over Internet protocol (VOIP) device that uses your Internet connection for phone service. If you are using MagicJack on a wireless connection, environmental factors and the Internet service itself can cause dropped Wi-Fi signals. Optimizing your network for the best speed and stability allows the best possible call quality.

Internet Speed

  • Your Internet speed impacts the way MagicJack functions; if your Internet service is too slow, starting MagicJack can cause it to freeze. MagicJack requires an upload speed of at least 128 kilobytes per second to make a call. The speeds published by your Internet service provider (ISP) are usually the maximum possible under ideal conditions; your actual speed will vary. To test whether or not you have an adequate upload speed, visit a website like speedtest.net, testmyspeed.com or bandwidthplace.com.

Network Load

  • Most ISPs place a cap on the amount of bandwidth that you can use at one time; the limit varies by package and provider. If your wireless network has too many users on it or if the network activity is high, MagicJack may not have the bandwidth it needs to make calls. When it is overloaded, your network can drop out or refuse your connection. For the best call quality, pause or quit any high-bandwidth activities like large file downloads, streaming video or Internet gaming.

Wireless Interference

  • MagicJack requires a strong, stable connection for clear calls. If your wireless signal is not consistent, it can cause dropped calls. Even if your router is working properly, wireless interference can cause your signal strength to drop. Thick walls, large aquariums, brick, concrete and metal objects like filing cabinets can degrade the wireless signal. Household devices like microwaves, cordless phones and game controllers have a similar effect. Your router should be placed at least six feet from these items and as close to the MagicJack computer as possible for clear calls.

Firmware Update

  • If you are using an older router, outdated firmware can be to blame for dropped network connections. The latest firmware updates are usually available for download on the router manufacturer's website. Once you have downloaded the files, you must log in to your router management interface and follow the prompts to install them. The latest firmware will add bug fixes and fix security problems that prevent you from using MagicJack connections.

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