Craftsman Kohler Pro Mechanical Tips

Craftsman produces a series of lawnmower models designed to run with Kohler motors. Kohler is a separate company that produces engine components for small motor appliances, like lawnmowers, small tractors and similar devices. To keep the Kohler Pro engine in the Craftsman mower working proper, the motor needs the right fuel, proper maintenance of important engine parts and effective troubleshooting if something goes wrong with the system.

  1. Fuel

    • The fuel you use in your mower needs to be of proper quality and the right mix. Fresh gas, with an 87 or higher octane rating, will help the engine perform efficiently. Avoid keeping gas in containers that can rust over time. If the gas is older than 30 days, engine performance may suffer. Engine oil should likewise be replaced fully after every 50 hours of operation. The Kohler or Craftsman manuals will have more specific information on what type of lubrication the engine needs based on its model.

    Spark Plugs and Filters

    • Properly maintained spark plugs and filters are vital to the performance of the engine. In general, you should replace spark plugs after 100 hours of operation. But taking a more frequent look at the spark plugs can help you spot corrosion or gumming problems before they begin to interfere with the operation of the engine. Air filters need to be checked and cleaned or replaced every 25 hours of engine operation.

    Starting Problems

    • Starting problems can be a major concern when it comes to lawnmower engines. Sometimes the fuel shut-off valve can jam and keep the engine from starting, but more common problems are related to dirty fuel, clogged fuel lines or the presence of dirt or water in the engine. If the engine is clean, ignition or solenoid components may have started to malfunction. Batteries and valves may need to be replaced to fix the issues. Check battery power and wiring to spot any major problems early on for an easy fix.

    Running Problems

    • If the engine has problems idling, you may need to work on the adjusting needles for idle fuel and idle speed settings. Consult your Kohler manual for the best setting instructions. Returning the needle to its "off" position and then turning it to a mid-range can help calibrate the system. Keep an eye out for fuel leaks that indicate a problem with carburetor or its float.

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