I Don't Have the Motorola USB Cord, and It Says "Unauthorized Charger"


If your Motorola mobile phone produces an “Unauthorized charger” prompt when you attach it to a personal computer with a USB cable, you might have used a cable other than the one that came with the phone. Unlike other manufacturers’ mobile phones, Motorola devices require specific components to be in place for you to use their USB connections to charge the phone.


  • Motorola mobile phones typically require you to use a Motorola USB cable to charge the phone’s battery through a USB connection to a computer. Sometimes, the “Unauthorized charger” prompt appears when you connect a Motorola phone to a computer with a non-Motorola cable. This problem can possibly be fixed by installing the mobile phone’s drivers onto the computer. If your Motorola requires drivers, they come with the phone on an installation CD. Install the drivers on the computer to which you want to connect the phone to see if this resolves the problem.


  • Some Motorola mobile phone users have reported that the “Unauthorized charger” error appears even after they’ve installed the Motorola drivers. In these instances, the problem could lie with the power capabilities of the cable you are using to connect the phone to a computer. If the cable is not capable of transferring the amount of energy required to charge the Motorola, the error code will appear. Occasionally, the phone will still charge even though the code implies that it will not. Leave the phone connected for a short amount of time to see if there is a change in the phone’s battery level.

Car Charger

  • Another situation that has caused Motorola mobile phone users to experience the appearance of the “Unauthorized charger” prompt is when the phone connects to a car power outlet using a power adapter cable. The power generated through one of these types of cables is considerably lower than those produced by an AC wall outlet or personal computer, which is why the error prompt will almost always appear in these situations. If you must charge your phone in this manner, purchase a Motorola car adapter, as it will generate the power needed to charge your phone.


  • Because Motorola phones have specific power conversion requirements, it’s best to use a Motorola-approved cable when recharging your phone through a personal computer. Although it may be confusing to pack and carry several cables and cords when traveling, the extra space Motorola-specific cords occupy will more than offset the headaches and troubleshooting efforts you may encounter. If you find that your Motorola phone charges in spite of the “Unauthorized charger” prompt, it will likely take longer to recharge the device’s battery than if you were to use a Motorola cable.

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