Naruto...Namida: Characters

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In Japanese, the word "Namida" means tears and the free PC game "Naruto Shippuden Namida" is also known as "Naruto Ninja Tears." The game follows a fighting format similar to "Mortal Kombat," but the extensive character selection screen has no names for the characters. Learn about the characters featured in the game before you use them to do battle in multiple stages.

  1. A through F Characters

    • The first selection of characters include an ANBU solider, Anko, Asuma, Chiyo, Choji, Deidara and First Hokage. It also includes a character known as "Enemy Ninja." He is dressed in dark clothes and features Ninja moves and attacks.

    G Through J Characters

    • Gaara is one of the main Naruto characters and in this game uses his villainous side. Other "G" characters include Gai, Gates and Guren. Hidan, Hiruko, Itachi, Jayria and Juugo also appear in the game. Use the four-tailed Itachi if you want to have a wild beast as your character.

    K Characters

    • "K" characters dominate in the game and include Kabuto, Kaisme, Kaka, Kakuzu, Karin, Kid Kakshi, Koman and Kurenai. Kabuto is one of the main characters in the game, with his trademark circular eyeglasses that are almost bigger than his face.

    M Through N Charatcers

    • The second half of the character selection starts with Madara, Mizuki, Obito, Orchimura and the creepy villain known as Pain. Pain is nearly all black with dark, souless eyes and can transform his body like he does on the show. The only "N" character is the title character from the series, Naturo.

    S through Z Characters

    • The final characters in the Naruto Ninja Tears game include Sai, Sasori, Snake Oro, Sora, Sui Gestu, Taka Sasuke, Ten, Tobi, Tusnade Yamato, Yodanine and Zetsu. A majority of these characters are locked until you complete several of the challenges and fights within the game.

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