Symantec Exchange Exclusion List

When your servers store valuable information, an equipment failure can be devastating. If you keep regular backups of your system data, you can restore your server to its original state in the time it takes to repair or replace your equipment. Keeping backups does not mean having to copy everything. The exclusion lists provided with Symantec's NetBackup are useful in selecting the data you want to save.

  1. Symantec NetBackup

    • Symantec NetBackup provides a utility to create scheduled backups of every hard drive on your network. NetBackup is scalable to support small businesses and large corporations alike. The application includes a user panel that lets you navigate through the directories and data created during each backup. You can restore data from the backup at any time from the management panel.

    Default Exclusion List

    • Symantec's NetBackup includes a default exclusion list of certain directories that will not be copied in any backup. The standard exclusion list contains files from the NetBackup BIN directory, the NetBackup database data directory and the Misc directory in "Volmgr," found in the root of the Veritas directory. These are all system files installed with the application. NetBackup excludes these files because they do not change, so there is no reason to retain a backup.

    Customizing the Exclusion List

    • The exclusion list is customizable, allowing you to exclude your choice of directories from the routine backup. You can access the exclusion information from the NetBackup administration console. Navigate to "NetBackup Administration" in the left panel menu. Expand the "Host Properties" list and then choose "Clients." Choose the client from the list and then select "Properties" in the Actions menu. Click "Exclude Lists" and choose "Add." Specify the path you want omitted from backups. You can customize this to follow a specific backup schedule or follow predefined system policies, if needed.


    • Excluding directories from routine backups can save storage space on your backup server, reducing the amount of system resources your company needs. The biggest risk you face by omitting any directory from the system backup is losing the data in the event of a system failure. Only exclude directories that you have already archived or that contain data that are not likely to change. If the directory contains frequently-updated or valuable information, keep a regular backup to protect the data.

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