Netgear DHCP Problem

Netgear routers connect computers together, so they can communicate with each other in the office or in your home. The DHCP protocol assigns IP addresses from the router to your network computers. If a DHCP problem occurs, your computers cannot communicate with each other. You use the Netgear configuration dashboard to fix the issue.

  1. Purpose

    • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) can be used at the router or the server level. DHCP servers are queried by a computer when it starts and boots on the network. The DHCP server handles all of the IP addresses, so you know that no duplicate IP addresses are accidentally assigned, which would disconnect users on the network.

    Netgear Configurations

    • The Netgear console can be accessed using your computer's Web browser. Type the IP address for the router in the address bar, which is typically "" The first console page tells you if DHCP is enabled. Click the "Enabled" button to allow DHCP on the network. If you have other routers on the network, check the configurations for these routers to ensure they have DHCP disabled. Only one router can have DHCP enabled.


    • If any of the wires connecting multiple routers are disconnected, the computers do not obtain an IP address, so they cannot communicate on the network. Check the wiring on all routers, and check the wiring on the computers. The wires must connect firmly to the router and the computer's network card.


    • The other option for IP addresses is to assign static IP addresses to the computer. You can set up a static IP address for a computer that is not obtaining an IP address from the Netgear router. This ensures that the problem stems from the Netgear router and is not a configuration or driver problem on the computer.

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