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Internet Explorer is a widely used web browser created by Microsoft. It comes installed with all computers running Windows operating systems, so it is often the first browser that a new computer user works with. When the wrong settings are used, text entered into website or browser fields appears backwards.

Backwards Only

  • When text entered into the URL field or on a website viewed in Internet Explorer is just backwards, a simple setting issue is causing the problem. Text that is also upside down or completely garbled in a random order has a different set of possible causes. Test that the text types correctly in other browsers or programs as well to rule out the possibility of a malfunctioning keyboard or virus causing your problem.


  • While it often happens unexpectedly, a glitch or bug is not the cause of backwards typing in Internet Explorer. The user must accidentally press both the "Ctrl" key and the left arrow key at the same time to access this mode of typing, according to Microsoft. This easily occurs without the user noticing because the two keys are close together on most keyboards. Since the user does not realize that they have used the key combination, they are at a loss to reverse the problem.


  • Reversing the backwards typing function is as simple as holding down the "Ctrl" key again and pressing the right arrow button. The text should immediately begin running from left to right again instead in reverse. If this does not fix the problem in Internet Explorer, there is another cause, such as a virus. Running anti-virus scans and checking for outdated keyboard drivers should help you pinpoint the external cause. These issues should affect other programs on the computer.


  • For certain languages or artistic presentation, you may want to reverse your typing on purpose. Pressing the "Ctrl" key and the left arrow at the same time allows you to do this in a text field on a website. If you need to display an existing website with reversed text, right click on the page and select "Encoding" from the menu. Choosing the "Right to Left Document" option causes Internet Explorer to reverse any text on the page according to ".NET Internationalization" by Guy Smith-Ferrier.

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