Can You Change the Week Numbers on a BlackBerry Bold?

Your BlackBerry Bold's calendar application has a number of small features that help you manage your time. One of those features, week numbers, can help you quickly determine how many weeks will pass between two dates. However, the week numbers feature does have some drawbacks, and more recent operating system versions remove it entirely.

  1. What are Week Numbers?

    • Week numbers show up on the top of the BlackBerry Bold's calendar screen whenever you bring up the "Week" or "Month" view. These numbers tell you what week of the year you have currently selected. Week one starts on the first Monday after the new year, and each subsequent Monday increases the week number by one. The numbers can be useful for anyone that dictates project time based on weeks. For example, if you know a project will take seven weeks to complete, you can quickly scroll down until the number increases by seven and see what week it will be.

    Changing the Week Numbers

    • While the BlackBerry Bold's calendar function does allow you to change what it displays as the first day of the week, it does not let you change what day determines the first week number. The Bold's calendar will always use Monday to determine when the next numbered week begins. Also, the calendar program doesn't allow you to change a certain week to week one, which would allow you to more easily count up into the future.

    Absence of Week Numbers

    • With the advent of the BlackBerry 6 operating system, the BlackBerry calendar application no longer lists the week numbers. This feature continues to be absent in the more recent BlackBerry 7 operating system, and RIM has made no mention of whether or not the feature will be enabled on future versions of the BlackBerry operating system. This change affects all BlackBerry devices, including the Bold, based on what OS is currently installed on the device.

    Getting Week Numbers Back

    • Since the more recent versions of the BlackBerry OS do not offer the week number feature, the only way to get them back is by reverting your BlackBerry Bold to an operating system version prior to version 6. This means you need to install the older software version, which you can get from your wireless carrier, on the PC where you have your BlackBerry Desktop Software installed. Then connect your Bold, choose "Update" and select "View other versions." Select the older software version and choose "Install." This process will erase everything on your device and can take up to an hour to complete.

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