Mozilla Thunderbird 3.0 Crashes on Boot

Mozilla Thunderbird is a free email program released by the makers of the Firefox Web browser. The 3.0 release of Thunderbird came out in 2009 and was designed to provide improved performance, stability and compatibility. Because it is an older release, Thunderbird 3.0 occasionally experiences problems that cause it to crash every time it is opened.

  1. Incompatible Themes and Extensions

    • Mozilla allows users to install third-party extensions and themes to customize the Thunderbird program. The company does not verify and test the code for each add-on, meaning that conflicts with other extensions or corrupt code can cause Thunderbird to crash. Incompatible add-ons are a known problem for users who moved from Thunderbird 2.0 to 3.0. To see if themes and extensions are causing problems, start Thunderbird using the Safe Mode option in the Start menu; Safe Mode starts the program by disabling all add-ons. If Thunderbird starts, your extensions and themes are probably to blame. You will need to disable them, one by one, in order to identify and remove the problem.

    Updating Themes and Extensions

    • If you are using extensions and themes that were designed for older versions of Thunderbird, they may be incompatible with version 3.0. If an outdated theme or extension is causing Thunderbird to crash every time it boots, getting the latest updates can solve the problem. In Safe Mode, choose "Add-ons" from the Tools menu and click on the "Find Updates" button in the Extensions, Themes and Plugins panel. If updates are available, you will be given the option to download and install them.

    Updating Thunderbird

    • Because Thunderbird 3.0 is an older release, it may contain bugs that have been fixed in subsequent releases. Mozilla advises you to upgrade to the most recent version of Thunderbird to take advantage of the bug fixes and code improvements that allow the program to run smoothly. When Thunderbird is running in Safe Mode, choose "About Thunderbird" from the Thunderbird menu and download any updates that are available.

    Other Solutions

    • If Thunderbird will not start even in Safe Mode, you may have experienced a problem on installation that prevents it from opening. In that case, you will need to uninstall and reinstall Thunderbird. Before you do, back up all of your messages; the instructions for your specific operating system are available on the Mozilla Profiles page. Once you have completed a backup, uninstall Thunderbird, download the most recent version from the Mozilla website and reinstall it.

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