What Is the Meaning of Socket Error 11001?


The socket error 11001 occurs when there is failure to link to a server from a client through the Internet. This results in the user being unable to access a particular site or FTP through her Internet service. While this error may be frustrating, it is usually easily resolved with no danger to your computer functions or operating system.


  • A socket is one end of a two-way link between two programs running on a network. Where there is a request for a connection, both the client and the server establish communication over a dedicated connection link. During the process, the client communicates to the server through the socket, which in turn gets information from the server. If there is an error in the process, a socket error message appears.

Socket Error 11001

  • During the communication process, it’s possible for many things to go wrong. Therefore, there are many different socket errors, each with its own specific definition. Socket error 11001 is not the result of a software issue, but rather a problem with the server or the server address. The error usually appears as “Host Not Found” and occurs when the host server cannot be located or is missing. The client is unable to connect to the server, stalling the communication process between the host and the link.


  • There are many reasons why a user may receive the socket error. It could mean that there was a change in the host name or that it was spelled incorrectly. Oftentimes, a firewall may be blocking server access. This may be the case if the user is attempting to access a blocked site at work or on a public computer. In some cases, it may be that the Internet Service Provider is temporarily down, the server is slow or the server is configured incorrectly.

Resolving the Error

  • While it may be difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of the socket error, there are many things a computer user may do to try and resolve the issue. Check to see if the host name is correct. The problem may be that the name is misspelled or is entered in incorrectly. Also temporarily disabling the firewall may help access the server; however, keep in mind that this compromises computer security and safety. If all else fails, contact either the server host or your Internet service provider to ensure that there is no error on either end.

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