Images Are Fuzzy After an IE8 Upgrade

Internet Explorer 8 is a Web browser released by Microsoft Corporation. This browser is a software upgrade from Internet Explorer 7, and the newer version boasts faster speeds, easier features and a safer experience. New features, such as image scaling and compatibility mode are included, which both help improve the viewing quality of Web pages. However, some settings within Internet Explorer 8 may need to be adjusted to prevent the new features from creating fuzzy text and images.

  1. Image Scaling

    • Upgrading your browser to Internet Explorer 8 introduces a new feature -- image scaling. Image scaling detects the dimensions of the computer monitor and resolution settings to determine the best zoom level of a Web page. Depending on the size of the monitor and the quality of the resolution, zooming in and out of a Web page may optimize the viewing quality of text and pictures. However, if a Web page isn't created to support image scaling, or if the browser detects the resolution incorrectly, images may be fuzzy. Changing the image scaling setting and experimenting with the zoom feature in Internet Explorer 8 may fix this problem.

    Compatibility Mode

    • Some images that were in focus in an earlier version of Internet Explorer may not be compatible with Internet Explorer 8. This may be because the Web page was only designed to work with previous versions, creating fuzzy images with the upgrade. Incompatible Web pages may have uneven columns, split paragraphs or text, and fuzzy images. Until the Web page is also upgraded, Internet Explorer 8’s “Compatibility View” may fix the images. Once selected, the “Compatibility View” feature will change the view of all Web pages included in the same domain.

    Updated Settings

    • Fuzzy images may be the result of improper settings and incompatible versions of add-ons with the Internet Explorer 8 upgrade. In order for the browser to successfully display images and text, the proper settings and add-ons must be working to read the information from the Web page. Web page scripting, ActiveX settings and cookies must be enabled to communicate and receive data from the Internet. Also, it may be necessary to update other add-ons, such as Java.

    Internet Accelerators

    • An Internet accelerator is a program that is usually installed separately from Internet Explorer 8, but works with the browser to accelerate the loading time on slow connections. The Internet accelerator program creates a cache of images and commonly visited Web pages for quick access. Some accelerators are programmed to anticipate which Web pages you will visit next, and start loading the page before you click the link. Because the program loads pages quickly and saves images for later use, oftentimes images appear fuzzy. Changing the settings within the accelerator or removing the program altogether may solve the issue.

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