Can You Do Desktop Sharing With Office Communicator 2007?

Can You Do Desktop Sharing With Office Communicator 2007? thumbnail
Office Communicator 2007 works with a variety of video and PC applications.

Office Communicator 2007 is a communication program that also lets you share information from Microsoft Office programs including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, SharePoint and OneNote with others via Internet services such as Windows Live Messenger and Windows Live Calendar. You can also share your computer's desktop with other individuals that are in Office Communicator's contacts list via the application's desktop sharing component.

  1. Desktop Sharing

    • Office Communicator 2007’s desktop sharing feature lets you present any file within an application that is open on your computer’s desktop to others including spreadsheets, word processing documents, slideshow, websites and other files. You can give others control of the desktop to open and close files and anyone with control can open and close as many files and applications as they want while a desktop sharing session is running. This feature is handy if you want to show a group of people how a certain application works; for example, you might show a group of people how to enter appointments and events in Windows Live Calendar or how to create a PowerPoint presentation using video and audio files.

    Video Component

    • The application also lets you open a video file within Office Communicator 2007’s application window, play it on your desktop and share it like any other file. Others can also view the video and communicate with you via an instant messaging program as the video is running. You can grant control to others so they can pause, rewind or fast forward the video during a sharing session.


    • Click the “Sharing” button on the “Conversation” window within Office Communicator 2007 to launch the desktop sharing controls. Click “Share Desktop” to allow others on your Office Communicator 2007 contacts list to see your computer’s desktop. The application sends parties on your contacts list an invitation for desktop sharing that they must accept before they can view documents, video and other files on your computer.


    • To allow others to control your desktop, you must grant permission via Office Communicator 2007 by clicking “Grant Control to” on the “In Control” toolbar and clicking the person’s name you want to grant control to. You can revoke control of your desktop by clicking “Take Back Control” on the “In Control” toolbar anytime during a desktop sharing session. Click the “Stop Sharing” button to stop a desktop sharing session at whatever point that you no longer want others to view your desktop.

    Viewing Other Desktops

    • Office Communicator 2007 also lets you view someone else’s desktop if they have desktop sharing enabled. You also must accept their sharing invitation before viewing their documents and files. You can even resize and maximize the window displaying the shared desktop on your computer. The “Actual Size” and “Fit to Screen” buttons let you adjust the window’s size to your liking. The window’s “Take Control” button lets you request control of the other person’s desktop including the ability to start applications, launch videos and access folders on the desktop.

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