Cheats for the "N.Y.Zombies" Game

"N.Y.Zombies" pits you against the undead in this game for iOS systems from Foursaken Media. While no cheats exist for the game, a few tips and tricks will help you survive.

  1. "N.Y.Zombies"

    • As of December 2011 "N.Y.Zombies" costs 99 cents from the Apple's App Store and is available for the iPhone, iTouch and iPad. In "N.Y.Zombies" your objective is to kill all the zombies on a level before they kill you. However, you are unable to move during the game, only to turn around in a 360 degree arc as zombies surround you. To combat the undead you have a wide variety of weapons at your disposal, such as pistols, shotguns and miniguns. The game has two modes of difficulty as well as multiple game modes, such as a story mode and an endless mode in which the objective is to defeat as many zombies as you can.

    Use Your Map

    • In the bottom left corner of the screen is your map; your map is visible at all times and shows the location of all advancing zombies. Zombies appear as white dots and your character is always located in the center of the map. It is best to prioritize your targets in "N.Y.Zombies." Always kill the zombies closer to you first, as these are the biggest threat to your life. When you see a group of zombies on the map that are in close proximity to each other, consider using a grenade or proximity mine to kill several at once.

    Switch Weapons While Reloading

    • When your weapon is out of ammunition, it must be reloaded if you want to continue using it. Weapons reload in two ways: a weapon automatically reloads when the ammunition count is depleted or when you tap the icon of that weapon on your screen. When a weapon is reloading, it is unusable. Switch to a different weapon in your inventory while your current weapon reloads, which will allow you to maintain a constant offense against the hordes of the undead. Ammunition in "N.Y.Zombies" is unlimited so you do not need to worry about running out of it during a level.


    • For each kill you perform in "N.Y.Zombies" you are awarded with money. Money can be used to upgrade your guns, providing them with larger clips or more damage per bullet. To maximize your monetary gains, perform combos against the undead. To perform a combo, kill zombies in rapid succession. The more zombies you kill in succession, the higher your combo bonus becomes and the more money you receive to spend on upgrades. You can also earn money by shooting a zombie in the head, which has the added bonus of doing extra damage to that zombie.


    • Scattered throughout each level are civilians; they run toward you when they appear and have the word "Help!" written over their heads. Be careful not to shoot a civilian, as saving them can lead to large monetary rewards. A civilian is saved when he successfully makes it to your location. At a distance, civilians can be confused for zombies, so use the word "Help!" to help distinguish between the two.

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