Firefox.exe Not Opening and the Memory Could Not Be Written

Firefox.exe is the file that launches the Firefox Internet browser on your computer. When you attempt to open your Firefox browser, but the program does not respond and you receive an error that memory could not be written, this is a sign of software incompatibility or corrupted files. There are several troubleshooting methods you can perform to fix the issue with your browser and get Firefox to run properly again.

  1. Computer Troubleshooting

    • Sometimes outdated files or malware can cause issues with Firefox that result in crashes or an unresponsive browser. Ensure that you have the most current version of Firefox installed and that your Windows operating system is also up to date through the Windows Update feature. Also update your malware scanner and run a scan to determine if the issue is caused by a virus or other malware that can take control of your Firefox browser.

    Firefox Safe Mode

    • Browser crashes can also be caused by conflicting plugins and computer software. Firefox offers a safe mode function that allows you to open the browser without plugins or extra features running. Hold down the “Shift” key on your keyboard, double-click the Firefox icon and select the “Continue in Safe Mode” option. If Firefox launches and you do not get an error, this means that the crash was caused by a plugin on the browser. You can navigate to the Tools section of Firefox to disable or uninstall plugins that are causing crashes.

    Reinstall Firefox

    • If you can’t launch Firefox, even in safe mode, the browser or profile files may have become corrupted. Uninstall Firefox from the computer’s Control Panel to clear out all of the program files. You can download and reinstall the Firefox browser from the Firefox website. If reinstalling the browser does not fix the issue, the corruption may be within your Firefox profile. In this case, you should delete the default profile located in the Mozilla Firefox profiles folder.

    System Restore

    • Sometimes, reinstalling the Firefox browser will not fix an issue, especially if conflicts with another software setting causes the crash. You can use the Windows System Restore to roll your computer back and reset software and browser configurations. Click the Start button and type “System Restore” in the text box on the Start menu. Choose to run the system restore utility and select a restore point from the utility wizard to take your software settings back to a time when everything was working.

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