Good Places to Farm in "FFXI"

Farming in the video game Final Fantasy 11 doesn't involve planting crops or watering your fields. When players farm, they are fighting large amounts of monsters, or using the mining and fishing features to collect items that have high worth when sold in the game. Finding the best farming places depends on the character's level.

  1. Starting Out

    • Farming requires the character to reach level 15 through quests and killing monsters before it becomes a profitable practice. Characters still working their way towards level 30 should start their farming in the La Theine Plateau. The Poison Funguars found there require reaching level 18 to kill, but the sleepshrooms they drop are worth 250 gil a piece at the auction house, according to "Final Fantasy XI: The Official Strategy Guide". Fighting the bees in Giddeus at level 15 or higher offers a reward of honey worth 100 gil per item.

    Level 20 Through 30

    • Reaching level 20 gives players access to a wider range of productive farming spots. Try harvesting crab meat in the Valkurm Dunes for 700 gil a piece recommends Ed Kern in the "Final Fantasy XI Atlas." The poison leeches found in Buburimu Peninsula yield an item called bird blood when killed. It is only worth 500 gil each, but each leech commonly drops at least two. There is a secret beach attached to the peninsula that is less crowded, giving players a better chance at killing monsters before others get to them all.

    Level 30 Through 50

    • Players need plenty of in game currency to buy the right equipment for leveling up after level 30. Characters within this range should spend their time in the Pashow Marshlands. Leeches in the water there leave beastman blood behind when they die, netting players about 1,000 gil a piece. Other monsters in the area carry items worth at least 500 gil, including silk thread from carnivorous crawlers and boyahda moss from the goobbue.

    Level 50 And Up

    • The strongest players should head directly to the Gusgen Mines. These underground caverns offer some of the best farming that does not involve killing monsters. Mining here can reveal the rare darksteel ore, which sells for at least 6,000 gil a piece, according to "Gaming Hacks" by Simon Carless. High level monsters make the area too dangerous for lower level characters, but they also drop expensive goods. Other mines containing darksteel ore include the Zehrune Mines and Yughott Grotto.

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