What Is a PLF File?

The file extension PLF may indicate several different uncommon file types for a wide variety of program types, including media, gaming, software licensing and sales management. A file with the PLF extension is most likely a playlist file for WinDVD. Another relatively common type of PLF file is a license file for Papyrus Live Updater.

  1. WinDVD Playlist File

    • WinDVD is a DVD playing program for Windows developed by InterVideo. In 2006, Corel, a developer of video and photo editing software, bought InterVideo. Corel has since put out newer versions of WinDVD that support HDDVD and Blu-ray discs. WinDVD uses the PLF extension for playlist files, lists of videos you've put in a particular playback order. You can open this type of PLF file using WinDVD, but it will only work if the video files referenced in the playlist still exist in the same locations.

    Papyrus Live Updater License File

    • Papyrus Live Updater is a program for registering and updating Papyrus software. You can only open this type of PLF file in Papyrus Live Updater. Double-clicking this type of PLF file opens Papyrus Live Updater and allows you to install a software license.

    PatchLink Developers Kit Archive

    • A PLF file may be an archive file for PatchLink Developers Kit, a program for managing network security. A patch, in software terms, is a quick fix for small problems in a program. A PLF file for PatchLink Developers Kit is an exported patch archive -- basically, an archived copy of a software patch.

    ProLife Cellular Automata File

    • The file extension PLF may be a shortened form of ProLife, a binary file format for cellular automata files. Cellular automata are models of colored cells on a grid that move according to rules based on what the surrounding cells look like. The most well-known example of cellular automata is the Game of Life. This type of PLF file is fairly obscure; more common file formats include LIF and LIFE.

    Other Files

    • A PLF file could also be a text file used by SalesLogix, a customer relationship management program. It may also be a game data file for "Mr. Bean," an adventure game based on the comedy series created by and starring Rowan Atkinson.

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