Can I Run Multiple Yahoo Messenger Apps?

The Yahoo Messenger application is available as a free download. Although you can create multiple accounts with Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo does not allow you to run multiple applications at the same time. You can use a third-party tool combined with a Windows registry edit to overcome this limitation.

  1. Multiple Apps

    • You can run multiple Messenger applications on your computer by applying a Windows registry patch and using an executable file called Y! Multi Messenger. To use the registry patch, open Notepad on your computer and enter the following command:

      “REGDIT4 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\yahoo\pager\Test]

      Save the notepad file as “multi.reg” and merge the settings into your computer’s Windows registry. Right-click on the file and select the “Merge” option.

    Y! Multi Messenger

    • Y! Multi Messenger is a small executable file that allows you to enable or disable the patch that allows you to run multiple instance of Messenger on your computer at the same time. This application also allows you the option of removing the advertisements displayed on the main window of the Yahoo Messenger application.

    Communication and Productivity

    • Yahoo Messenger allows you to receive real time updates, buzz alerts, send instant messages and make telephone calls. Since Yahoo Messenger is an Internet based application, you can access your messages from any computer with an Internet connection. You can use Messenger to forward your messages to your mobile device, voicemail, archive your message, transfer files and receive updates to your postings.


    • You can set up Yahoo Messenger in several ways. The application’s options allow you to express your personality through the use of avatars. The application’s window in the instant message environment also features interactive themes and games. When you communicate, you can enhance the conversation by using emoticons and audibles, animated characters and sounds that make personalized statements. You can set up the application to display your favorite color and font, and assign a different ringtone for specific contacts.

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