What are Bubbles on a BlackBerry?

The home screen on your BlackBerry handset has several different notification symbols to warn you of incoming and missed phone calls, and new messages. One symbol, the conversation bubble, pops up on your home screen whenever you have a message on BlackBerry Messenger or a notification associated with another app that you've set up to display notification bubbles. These bubbles remain until you check all of your notification bubbles.

  1. Basics

    • BlackBerry messenger comes pre-installed on all BlackBerry devices. The application works like an instant messaging program, in that you can send short messages to other BlackBerry owners and chat back and forth. The app also lets you share items with your BlackBerry friends, such as calendar events, information regarding apps you use and GPS mapping coordinates. When you receive a new message or link to an event, a yellow thought bubble icon appears on your BlackBerry home screen.

    Using BlackBerry Messenger

    • You can operate BlackBerry Messenger from the app's main screen. For example, you can add another BlackBerry user as a friend. After the friend is added, you can chat with that user or invite the user to join you in using another app, such as a game. Upon receiving a new chat message or link, a bubble appears on your home screen. Selecting the bubble lets you view the new message. After viewing the message, the notification disappears from your home screen.


    • Occasionally, the notification bubble remains on your home screen after you check all of your BlackBerry Messenger notifications. This happens because the operating system doesn't recognize that you've read all your incoming messages. Restarting your handset may remove the notifications. If the notifications remain, you can view and delete your saved messages directly on your handset to remove specific notifications.

    Other Considerations

    • Other applications also use notification bubbles to inform you of incoming messages or events. For example, an app linking to your Twitter account may pop up as a notification bubble when you have a new private message on Twitter. Typically, these apps use different color notification bubbles so you can differentiate between notification bubbles for different apps. Selecting the notification bubble associated with apps other than BlackBerry Messenger also clears those notifications.

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