iMaxx2000 CB Antenna Information

Citizen's band radio antennas work by receiving radio frequency energy from a transmitter, which it converts into a magnetic field that surrounds the antenna, referred to as the signal. That signal transmits to a receiving station antenna that induces it to sound. The iMax2000 CB antenna is produced by Solarcom and handles high power with maximum gain and efficiency.

  1. Power

    • The Imax2000 CB radio antenna is comprised of three sections, called radomes, that allow radio-frequency radiation from the copper wiring held in their interiors to pass through unimpeded. Each radome descends in circumference from the bottom, to middle to top section. Radomes are comprised of radio-transparent materials, such as quartz, matrices of epoxy or, in the case of the iMax2000 CB radio antenna, fiberglass. The bottom radome contains a length of copper wiring measuring 80-inches long; the wiring contained in the middle section measures 94-inches long; the copper wiring in the uppermost section 96.5 inches in length. The sum of the length of the copper wiring is referred to as total radiating length, or TDR, giving the iMax2000 a TDR of 270.5 inches. It has a wavelength size of .64 at 27 MHz., the center frequency CB radio antennas use.


    • The iMax2000 has an insulation jacket that handles up to 14,500 volts, it measures a total 24 feet from base to its top radome and has a 5.1 decibel isotropic, or DBI. DBI refers to the gain of a directional antenna in relation to an isotropic antenna, or an antenna that radiates power in each direction. The iMax2000 handles 5,000 watts of power and has a standing wave ratio, or SWR, of 1.5 – 1. SWR refers to the ratio of maximum effect of a radio wave over a transmission line with mismatched impedance.


    • The three radomes, with the exception of two feet contained in the bottom section, consist entirely of straight #14 copper wire. The iMax2000 utilized an RG-213 coaxial cable connected to an SO-239 UHF connector in the mounting pipe. An RG-213 coaxial cable is a low-power loss cable with a non-contaminating jacket. An SO-239 UHF connector is commonly used in amateur and shortwave radios. Interior brass crimp sleeves increase the tensile strength of the iMax2000’s soldering point between the radiator element to the capacitor plate stub soldering joint.


    • Solarcom produces a stainless steel GPK-1 ground radial kit for the iMax2000, which increases the antenna’s performance. The iMax2000 ground radial kit has an SWR of <1.5, tuning of 25.000 to 32.000 MHz and weighs 10 lbs. It mounts on the ground mounting post supplied with the iMax2000.

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