Kindergarten Heart Craft

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Kindergarten crafts build fine motor skills and provide an enjoyable activity.

Kindergarten children enjoy making crafts they can share with friends and family. They enjoy heart-shaped crafts because they associate the heart with love. You can create many inexpensive heart crafts with simple materials found in most kindergarten art supplies. You may coordinate these craft ideas with holidays such as Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.

  1. Heart Purse

    • Cut two heart shapes 6 inches wide and 8 inches tall out of red felt or velour. Lay one heart on top of the other, so that both hearts are right-side up. Use a small hole punch to make holes along the edge of both hearts beginning at the fullest part of the left side of the heart, down to the point and back up to the same point on the right side of the heart. The hearts should be about a half inch apart. Sew the two hearts together using a craft needle threaded with 30 inches of white or pink yarn. Tie a knot in the yarn when you reach the last hole on the right side. Fold the lobes of the top heart down above the stitching. Use the remainder of the yarn to reach across the heart and insert back into the first holes to create your handle. Tie the yarn tail to the yarn in the first hole.

    Heart Card

    • Fold a large piece of red construction paper in half so the fold is at the top of the paper. Trace a heart shape on the paper and cut it out, leaving the lobe sections at the top of the heart connected along the fold. Use the shape to cut a heart shape out of a white paper doily and glue it to the front of the heart. Use Valentine, flower or other appropriate stickers to decorate the interior and exterior of the card.

    Heart Frame

    • Trace and cut a large heart out of cardboard. Glue a red heart-shaped paper doily onto the cardboard so the edges of the doily extend beyond the cardboard. Trace a heart on a photograph of the child, capturing the face in the center of the heart. Cut around the heart shape on the photo, and glue it to the center of the paper doily. Glue candy hearts around the edge of the picture so they frame the picture. Tie a small ribbon loop to the heart by inserting the ribbon into holes in the doily.

    Trinket Box

    • Repurpose a paper, heart-shaped candy box to make a trinket box. Cut a heart shape 3 inches bigger than the box out of shiny red fabric. Paint the inside of the box bottom with glue and insert the fabric. Smooth the fabric in the glue so it fits neatly inside the box and up the sides. Trim the fabric around the top edge. Place candy or cookies inside a plastic bag and place inside the box. Decorate the box lid with stickers, craft foam hearts or other appropriate decorations.

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