Reupholstering a Nursery Glider

Reupholstering a Nursery Glider thumbnail
Paint and upholster an old glider chair for your baby's nursery.

Make over an old glider chair into a stylish focal point for your nursery. Whether you have been gifted an old glider or have purchased a new one you wish to customize, options exist to add a modern touch to the glider. Use the glider as an opportunity to add a jolt of color or a graphic pattern to an otherwise neutral room.

  1. Template

    • Use a stitch remover or a razor blade to remove the current fabric from the cushions on the glider. Whenever possible, open the seams instead of creating rips or tears. Use the old fabric as a template for the new fabric. Pin the template to the new fabric and mark any pleats or folds with a fabric pencil or disappearing marker. Cut along the lines of the template and sew the new cushions and armrests together as you remove the pins.


    • Thoroughly wash the glider's wood parts with warm sudsy water and let dry. Paint the chair and let dry completely. When choosing a color for the wood, consider your overall design scheme for the room. For instance, if the room is saturated in color, print and texture, you will want to choose from existing colors or a neutral. However, if the room itself needs a punch of color to tie things together, don't be afraid to paint the chair a dynamic color to pair with your fabric. Colors to consider include lemon, lime, fuchsia, cherry and cerulean.


    • When choosing a fabric for the glider, consider the decor of the room as well as the type of usage the glider will endure. Not only should you choose a durable fabric, but you should consider how long you might use the glider. Gender-neutral prints with a balance of color and design will serve well for a nursery intended for more than one baby. Alternatively, you can choose the fabric with the idea that you might change it to accommodate another child in the future.


    • Once the chair is dry and the upholstery is sewn, assemble the glider. Snap the armrests back in place and tie the cushions for the seat and the backrest. Accessorize the glider with a single pillow in an alternate fabric and a throw displayed over one arm. Place the glider in its designated place in the nursery next to a table lamp for the long nights ahead. Incorporate the glider's fabric into the rest of the room by using remnants to cover a throw pillow or for tiebacks for the curtains.

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