Old School Babolat Racket Tips

Babolat is a popular brand of both tennis and badminton rackets. Rackets for all different skills, levels and styles are produced by the Babolat company, making it an ideal brand for almost any player. Many well-known professional tennis players, such as Andy Roddick and Kim Clijsters, use Babolat rackets. Even for those new to tennis and badminton, the Babolat can be a safe bet for a reliable, sturdy and durable racket.

  1. Babolat Overview

    • The sport of tennis first become official in 1874. One year later, in 1875, the concept of the Babolat racket was created in Lyon, France, making Babolat one of the oldest companies that specializes solely in rackets. The brand was named after its inventor, Pierre Babolat, who is attributed with creating the tennis racket string. By 1950, the Babolat racket was being distributed and sold internationally as one of the top racket choices amongst professional racket athletes.

    Babolat Strings

    • Along with the invention of Babolat racket, the company pioneered the way in establishing the standard for racket strings. In 1925 the company produced what are called VS Natural Gut Strings. This type of string continues to be used on modern-day rackets, and is the preferred string type of many players. In 1955, Babolat produced its first synthetic racket string, offering an alternative option to the gut strings. Several years later, the company produced a product called Babol, used as a coating for gut strings, prolonging their playing life.

    Types of Recreational and Intermediate Rackets

    • Babolat offers sever different styles of recreational tennis rackets. These rackets are ideal for beginner players or for those who enjoy tennis as a leisure activity. There are even more intermediate level rackets to choose from. The Y109, Y105 and Y112 rackets offer excellent balance and comfort. The Overdrive rackets are best suited for those with a compact swing. This style is easy to maneuver and comes with a comfortable, adjustable, ergonomic grip and straight handle. The ESense rackets are 100 percent graphite and feature a slightly smaller racket head, ideal for advanced beginner or intermediate player looking for increased racket control.

    Advanced Rackets

    • Babolat's advanced rackets are intended for the competitive player. There are three different options of rackets in this category. The Drive Z Lite racket is one of the lighter options of rackets, making this a popular choice for younger athletes and females. This racket features the Babolat Woofer technology, an innovative racket design which makes the string and frame function together when the racket hits the ball, allowing for increased contact with the ball. The Drive Z Tour racket is a slightly heavier racket that offers a powerful strike. The Drive Z Mid is the best option for those with a wide swing, but who don't want to compromise racket power.

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