Can Services.exe Prevent a Boot?

Services.exe is a Windows program that launches utilities, also known as processes, which the operating system uses when you first turn on your computer – including user account login information and Internet service information. If Services.exe is not running or not running properly, it can prevent your Windows-based system from booting, also known as starting up. If you stop Services.exe from running after your computer has booted, your system will freeze when a Windows application requests from the operating system a tool or utility it needs for running.

  1. Functions

    • Services.exe not only starts Windows utilities but also pauses them. The program also stops utilities during the shutdown process. If you stop Services.exe during the Windows shutdown process, Windows will fail to shut down properly and this action could possibly damage one or more utilities and corrupt your computer’s hard drive.


    • The program runs as a background process and you can see how much CPU resources it is consuming by accessing your computer’s Task Manager, via the task bar, clicking “Start Task Manager” and clicking the “Processes” tab. The Task Manager also displays all processes and applications running on your Windows system.


    • Services.exe works along with Device.exe, a Windows program that manages hardware devices present within your system, to help prevent a crashed device driver from corrupting other device drivers on your system. Each piece of hardware that is part of your system contains a device driver that bridges it to your computer electronically. Device drivers can become corrupt due to programming issues, viruses and being out of date.


    • The Trojan malware program “Service.exe” is a destructive program that is not part of your computer’s Windows operating system. The program doesn’t include the “s” at the end of its name and should not be confused with “Services.exe.” Use an anti-virus removal program to quarantine the program within your system and keep it from affecting your system’s performance.

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