My Blackberry Storm Caused the USB to Not Work

If you think your BlackBerry Storm has caused your computer USB connection to stop working, you may be mistaken. Most USB problems arise from a variety of issues involving various aspects of the computing devices and can be easily fixed, regardless of your technological knowledge or capability. As of December 2011, the BlackBerry Storm is available in four models, each of which offers USB connectivity.

  1. Mass Storage Mode

    • The BlackBerry Storms come with a mass storage mode feature that allows them to interact with a personal computer as an external memory device when connected through a USB cable. Occasionally, the drivers, or programs, associated with this feature can stop working and produce an error code that indicates the computer’s operating system is unable to recognize the phone. You can fix this error by opening the Windows Device Manager and then expanding the Universal Serial Bus branch. With only the Storm connected to the computer, double click on the BlackBerry indicator and then go to the "Details" tab. Here you can view the "Device Instance" data and determine whether the USB interaction is even connected. If not, turning the device off and back on again can reset the drivers and jump start the USB connectivity between the Storm and your computer.

    Repair Application

    • When experiencing problems where your computer fails to identify or recognize your BlackBerry Storm through its USB cable connection, you can also choose to download the CalFix.exe BlackBerry application that is designed specifically to repair these types of problems. This application is available from the BlackBerry website and automatically takes you through the repair process once it is downloaded and installed to your computer. You must also have the Storm connected to the computer through its USB cable to properly repair this error.


    • It may appear your BlackBerry Storm is causing your USB connection to not work properly, but what can really be at the heart of the problem is the USB cable. USB cables can become damaged over time, especially when you use them extensively. Most USB cable damage occurs at the points where the wire and the connectors meet and is frequently caused by pulling the connectors out of the computer ports by the wire, instead of by the connector. Using the cable to connect a different device to the computer can help you decide whether the cable is at fault or not. If your cable is damaged, replacing it is your only option. USB cables are relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to the prices involved in replacing the Storm or computer.


    • Mobile phone USB connections are commonly used to synchronize and transfer data between the phone and a computer, but they are not the only method that can accomplish this. Bluetooth technology, which is offered by each BlackBerry Storm model, allows you to transfer and synchronize data with the computer wirelessly. Some third-party applications, such as Google Sync, enable you to do the same thing, but through the Storms’ Wi-Fi functionality.

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