Hairstyles for Fine Hair That Is Falling Out

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Short haircuts make thin hair look thicker and help repair hair damage.

The right hairstyle can help improve appearance and lift spirits for both men and women whose hair is fine and falling out. Of course, the foundation of a good hairstyle is good care -- you should use a shampoo with panthenol, a bodybuilding ingredient, and a light detangling conditioner to help thicken and strengthen damaged hair. However, your best tool for looking your best with fine, thinning hair is a hairstyle that turns a hair problem into a stylish solution.

  1. Short Haircuts for Men

    • Men with fine, thinning hair are somewhat limited in their style options. However, Caesar haircuts and short crew cuts are two popular styles that work well with this type of hair. Because hair is stronger closer to the root, short haircuts give the illusion of overall thickness by emphasizing the strongest part of the hair shaft. These hairstyles also allow the hair a chance to grow stronger by cutting off damaged strands. Shorter haircuts let the hair be its healthiest and fullest.

    Layered Hairstyles for Men

    • For hair that is thinning from the top, layers can create a natural, youthful look. The disheveled hairstyle can add personality to a man's haircut, making a man appear laid-back and rebellious -- and hence more youthful. Applying longer layers around the problem areas can disguise thinning. This look is easy to maintain for everyday wear.

    Longer Hairstyles for Women

    • Longer hairstyles are not off-limits for women whose hair is thinning and shedding. In fact, certain styles such as updos and braids, in which hair is gathered together in a clump, can give the illusion of thickness. There are a vast selection of updo looks for both casual and fancy events. To prevent heat damage, avoid using curling irons, flat irons and hair blowers for styling. Instead, use curlers, pins and wide-tooth combs to the style hair.

    Shorter Hairstyles for Women

    • Chin-length hairstyles with bangs work great for women with thin hair who are dealing with hair loss. This cut also goes well with soft curls, or pinned back behind the ears. Other cuts that work well with fine, thinning hair include pixies and mid-neck bobs. These shorter styles take attention away from the hair and redirect the focus to the woman's face. Shorter cuts also allow the hair to grow back fuller and thicker, while looking stylish, trendy and whimsical.

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