Why Does My BlackBerry Curve Keep Saying Reload Software 552?

Why Does My BlackBerry Curve Keep Saying Reload Software 552? thumbnail
The BlackBerry Curve can be connected to either a Mac or PC for updates.

When your BlackBerry Curve displays error 552, either the Java Virtual Machine software it runs has encountered a problem, or a recently added Messenger application exceeded the amount of allowed user data. If the issue is Java related, you may be able to get away without actually performing a reload. Reloading consists of deleting the current data and software on your computer, and re-adding the same software version.

  1. BlackBerry Messenger 5.0

    • Each BlackBerry application requires the use of classes, or collections of user data. Downloaded BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 has been known to cause a BlackBerry to exceed the number of allowed classes on the device, which will in turn disable the BlackBerry. To resolve the issue, you must perform a reload of your BlackBerry device software. Back up your data or delete other applications to free up space before adding BlackBerry Messenger, and you can probably avoid error 552.

    Java Virtual Machine

    • Sometimes error 552 is prompted by a Java Virtual Machine problem. JVM is responsible for managing how things are displayed on the screen of the device, and error 552 can occur in any version of the BlackBerry device software when JVM becomes frozen. The error screen appear as either "Reload software: 552" or "App Error 552."


    • If your 552 error is caused by JVM issues, there is a chance you can resolve the problem without doing a reload. Updating the BlackBerry Device Software may fix the error -- plug your BlackBerry into your computer, open the BlackBerry Desktop Software and click "Check For Updates" to see if a new version if available. If you are already running the newest software, unplug the BlackBerry and perform a hard reset on your phone by removing the battery for 10 seconds and then reinserting it.

    Reloading Software

    • If you are forced to reload the software on your BlackBerry, connect your BlackBerry to your computer and open the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. Go to the "Device" menu and choose "Update." A pop-up window will show you that no new version of the software is available; click the "View Other Versions" button and then choose "Install."

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