Can I Automatically Save Conversations From Online Chat Rooms?

When you hang out in chat rooms, you have the ability to talk to individuals all over the world. While this chatting is often casual, it can sometimes turn into something more and benefit from the saving of chat logs. Whether this happens automatically depends on the chat service that you decide to use. Simple chat websites probably don't offer save options, while more complicated sites that offer profiles and other features might also give you the opportunity to save chat logs for future reference.

  1. Why Save?

    • If you're just a casual chatter, you might not see the reasons to save your chat conversations with others. But if you have children that chat in chat rooms, have been harassed in a chat room or are chatting with a significant other, it might be necessary to save your conversations for future references. As a parent or guardian, allowing your child to use a chat room that automatically saves conversations means you can go over conversations later to ensure your kids are chatting safely, while chat room conversations can also be preserved and used to prosecute against online harassment.

    Chat Room Features

    • The only way to automatically save your conversations from a chat room is to frequent sites that offer saved chat logs as a feature. This allows you to set up your profile and your settings to save your conversations to your profile for later access. For instance, you can save a chat log in AOL chat rooms by entering a chat room, then clicking "File," "Log Manager" and then "Open Log." To close and save the log, repeat the process after you're done chatting, clicking "Close Log" instead. Other chat rooms that allow you to save your logs or save them automatically include chat rooms running on RealChat software and Gmail Chat.

    Save Locations

    • Once you've used a chat service that automatically saves your conversations, you'll need to know where to find them for future reference. For services such as Gmail Chat, you'll be able to locate your saved conversations under the "Chat" heading in your email folders. AOL saved chats can be opened from the AOL toolbar. If you don't know where a saved chat is located, message or contact the admin for the website.

    Manual Save

    • If you're chatting on a website that doesn't allow automatic saving, you can still save the text from your chat. It's usually as simple as copying your conversation, then pasting it into a word processing program, such as Microsoft Word. Most chat rooms offer time stamps so you'll still have the date and time of each chat message. Save the document for future use to bypass the need for automatic saving -- just make sure to save at the end of the conversation so you don't miss any messages.

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