What Does Vac Line Plumbing Do in Pool Equipment?


Some pools have a dedicated vacuum line or suction port. This port provides suction when connected to pool cleaning equipment such as a vacuum hose. Leaves, dirt and other debris are sucked through the system and deposited through the pool's filter. If you do not have a vac line, you can hook up pool vacuums to your skimmer system instead.

Vac Ports

  • A vac line is known by various terms, including "dedicated suction line," "vacuum port" and "vac fitting." All of these terms refer to the piping system in a pool that is dedicated to suctioning. Suction lines are simple, small holes on the inside of the pool wall. They are used solely for vacuuming equipment hookup and connect to the main pool filter. The placement of the vac line makes it easy to connect it to various cleaning equipment. Water is drawn from the pool and sent through the main filter before returning to the pool in return pipes.


  • A vac line is not absolutely necessary for a pool's plumbing system, but it is beneficial. It uses a vacuum cleaner to suck water and does so more effectively than other types of filtering lines. Most likely, your pool has a skimmer and a main drain system. The main drains lie at the bottom of the pool and remove debris that flows across them. Skimmers remove debris at the pool surface. While these systems can effectively eliminate debris, they do not have the suction power that a vac line offers.

Cleaning Your Pool

  • You have a few options for cleaning equipment for use with your dedicated vacuum line. Automatic pool cleaners include suction and robotic systems. A suction system uses a vacuum hose that is long enough to reach all the corners of the pool. It can be hooked up to a skimmer or dedicated suction line. A robotic system incorporates an cleaner vehicle that automatically moves around the bottom of the pool, picking up debris. Plug the hose into either the vacuum line or the skimmer.

Safety and Other Considerations

  • When using pool equipment with your dedicated vac line, always follow the manufacturer's instructions. To ensure swimmer safety, use caps to cover the vac ports when they are not in use. Adjust your pool's pump valves by opening the main vac line and closing the main drain and skimmer lines to improve suction. Clean the main filter of the pool regularly, especially after vacuuming. Do not rely on vacuuming equipment alone for cleaning your pool. Regular maintenance and manual skimming, as well as chemical cleaning, are still essential for a clean pool.

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