Tricks to Teach Your Toy Poodle

The poodle is an intelligent dog breed.
The poodle is an intelligent dog breed. (Image: Images)

The poodle is a dog breed that is available in three varieties: toy poodles, miniature poodles and standard poodles. The three varieties share similar personality traits. These characteristics include intelligence, responsiveness and trainability. The breed is lively and cheerful, loves people and socializes well. With this breed, training becomes crucial to prevent the toy poodle from developing small dog syndrome. This syndrome encourages the poodle to believe it is the pack leader to people rather than vice versa.

Hoop Jumping

Poodles are easy to train, and because of this they are common pets and a favorite choice for circus acts. Poodles enjoy learning to delight the owner, an inherent trait in the breed. Starting small, the poodle can be taught to jump through hoops and over rope. For the hoop jumping trick, the trainer makes the poodle sit and the trainer holds the hoop resting on the ground in front of the dog. With a treat held out opposite the poodle, the trainer repeats the words “jump hoop.” This teaches the poodle to go through the hoop to get the treat.

Turn Around

For the turn around trick, the poodle stands facing the trainer, so that it can see and smell the treat in the trainer’s hand. The trainer stands in one spot and repeats “turn around” to the poodle. The trainer, while speaking, leads the dog around in a circle by holding the treat in front of its nose. Once the poodle turns in a full circle, it needs to be praised and given the treat. Following a few practice sessions, the trainer repeats the words “turn around,” but does not lead the poodle with the treat. The poodle soon learns to perform the treat without seeing the treat.

Roll Over

Trainers need to ensure that the poodle performs the roll over trick on soft surfaces only, or the dog may injure its back. Not all dogs enjoy lying on their backs. If the dog resists, the poodle should not be forced to learn the trick.

The training begins with the poodle lying on its stomach. The trainer kneels beside the dog holding a treat that the trainer slowly moves to the poodle’s back area. As the treat moves to the back area, the trainer repeats “roll over” until the poodle rolls over onto its back to get the treat. Each time the dog gets it right, it should be given praise and the treat.

Be Quiet

“Be Quiet” is an entertaining trick to teach a toy poodle. The dog needs to learn how to speak first before it learns this trick.

The trainer gets in front of the dog and repeats the words “be quiet.” The moment the dog stops barking, it should be given a treat and praised. The trainer holds his palm in front of his face to provide a visual aid for the dog to recognize and associate with the command.

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