Windows Advanced Tools

Windows Advanced System Tools are a hidden feature in Windows 7 and Vista. These tools include Event Viewer, Disk Defragmenter and System Information. The main focus of the Advanced Tools is to analyze system performance, solve problems and improve PC performance. The tools provide notifications about the problems and give suggestions to solve the found issues. With the Advanced System Tools, computer users can keep their PCs running quickly and smoothly.

  1. Location

    • The Advanced System Tools is buried in the Control Panel, but can be located by searching "Performance Info" the Search tool. When it opens, click "Performance Information and Tools," then "Advance Tools." The next window has "Performance Issues" listed near the top, which contains any warning messages. One example is “Performance can be improved by changing visual settings. View details.” When "View Details" is clicked, the computer suggests adjusting the color settings to improve the computer’s performance.


    • The Resource Monitor is like the Task Manager, but with more options. This application monitors programs, processes and services that are using the system’s memory, processor, disk usage and network activity. The tool allows the user to shut down any program hogging the computer’s resources or one that is frozen. The CPU tab lets the user check CPU usage. Selecting the Memory tab allows the user to examine the memory usage of open programs and processes. There is a section that watches the processes and applications accessing the network.


    • Performance Options is the tool found under "Adjust the Appearance and Performance of Windows." These options allow the user to adjust the Visual Effects in order to speed up the computer. One option is to let the computer handle the Visual Effects or they are turned off by customizing the options. The adjustable features include animated windows, Aero Peek, window transparency and fading ToolTips. Under the Advanced tab is the Virtual Memory adjustment. This allows the user to fool the computer into thinking that there is more RAM by using available hard drive space for temporary storage.


    • The Advanced System Tools contain a tool that generates System Health Reports. The reports take about 60 seconds to analyze the computer then display the system information. This data includes details on hardware, system response times and processes. The system information and configuration data is examined as well. The reports give suggestions for improving the computer’s performance and system operations.

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