What Do You Do With a Wi-Fi Ready TV?


Wi-Fi readiness is an Interactive feature available on many newer televisions. This feature helps to make televisions more than passive devices used to watch programming by allowing you to interact with available programming. Additionally, this technology enables you to connect compatible devices to your television over a wireless network to access additional entertainment, educational and informative options.

Wi-Fi Ready and Wi-Fi Enabled

A Wi-Fi ready television is not the same thing as a Wi-Fi enabled device. A Wi-Fi enabled television contains an internal router that does not require an external router to take advantage of the Wi-Fi features of your television. A Wi-Fi ready television, on the other hand, requires you to connect an Ethernet cable from the port on the back of the television to an external router. Both types of Wi-Fi televisions allow online access and offer options to use compatible wireless devices with your television.

Wireless Media Boxes

A wireless media box refers to a device you attach to your Wi-Fi enabled TV. Once you setup your Wi-Fi enabled television’s internal router, you can add wireless Blu-Ray DVD players, game consoles, DVRs and different types of media servers to this box. Additionally, you can also attach computers and laptops to your television’s wireless network. Although these devices use wireless technologies, they still require a wireless media box to connect to your Wi-Fi enabled television.


Netflix is an online service that allows you to watch streaming movies on your television. Netflix’s movie library includes a large selection of new and classic movies, television programs and documentaries. Netflix charges a flat monthly rate that allows you to watch as much streaming content as you want. After selecting content using Netflix, you can use this service like a DVD player and stop, rewind and fast-forward. Netflix also offers interactive options, allowing you to rate videos and quickly access information about the cast.


A widget on a wireless television is an application that allows you to access websites using a remote control without having to enter the complete website address. Television manufacturers now offer widgets from a variety of companies including Yahoo!, Facebook and Pandora. Many televisions feature preinstalled widgets and allow you to install additional widgets manually. Additional companies that offer widgets for wireless televisions include The New York Times, USA Today, Netflix, Flickr and Twitter.

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