What Are Things Like HyperCam?

HyperCam is screen recording software. Sometimes referred to as screencasting or video screen capture software, screen recorders are used mainly as a tool to demonstrate how to use an application or service. Many products similar to HyperCam are available on the Internet. HyperCam is the most basic of these tools. The majority of screencasting software runs on Windows only, and most are operating system specific.

  1. How Screencasting Works

    • All screencasting programs have a similar goal – to record an area of your computer screen. You set the area that you want to capture by selecting either a region or an entire window. Then you set up the sound component of the program. After you select the screen area, start to record, moving your mouse to demonstrate and explaining as you record. When you're done, you can review your movie or, with many software programs, edit it.

    Windows Free Software

    • Many companies manufacture Windows-based screen recorder software. Hyperion’s HyperCam is one that you can download for free. It saves movies in the Audio-Video Interleaved format. HyperCam is a basic program with few format settings. It doesn't support editing. It runs on Windows Vista, XP and 2000 only. BB Flashback Express by Blueberry Software is similar software, also free in the Express edition. It adds a few more features to the HyperCam software. For example, you can save your movies as both AVI and Flash, or ".swf," files. You can also upload to YouTube from the program and export to Flash Video, or ".flv." This software is compatible with Windows 7 as well as older Windows operating systems.

    Windows Fee-Based Software

    • BSR Screen Recorder is available in two different versions: one for older and one for newer Windows operating systems. The two versions cover all Windows systems from Windows 7 back to Windows ME. BSR Screen Recorder, available for purchase only, captures videos in a variety of formats including AVI and Flash. It includes 2-D and 3-D zooming functions, multiple audio source selections and a picture-in-picture feature. You can extensively edit your recording as well.

    Windows and Mac Software

    • Camtasia Studio by Techsmith can be purchased in either a Windows or Mac format. The Windows version has a plethora of features, while the Mac product is simpler and thus significantly cheaper, as of October 2011. Both versions employ SmartFocus technology, which keeps track of all audio and video details while you're recording. It also automatically sharpens text and details no matter what size you choose to make your screencast. You can edit, add visual effects and send the screencast to YouTube or the Techsmith hosting service. The high-end Windows version is robust with many features including cursor effects. Techsmith also makes Jing, a free scaled-down screencaster for Windows. Telescream’s ScreenFlow is another alternative for Mac users. Optimized for Mac OS X, with Screenflow you can record, edit and share your screencasts. Audio controls, high-resolution output functions and many editing capabilities help ensure a polished presentation.

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