Yahoo Messenger Does Not Work in Pidgin 2.7.1

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Pidgin allows you to chat instantly with friends on multiple messenger services.

Pidgin 2.7.1 combines multiple instant messaging programs into one convenient program. Some of the services available through Pidgin include Facebook messenger, MySpace messenger and Yahoo! messenger. In addition to combining multiple chat clients into one program, Pidgin also combines chat windows into one tabbed window, keeping your conversations in one location while you work or play. Several issues can create connectivity problems between Pidgin and Yahoo! Messenger, including incorrect user information, software updates or Internet connectivity issues.

  1. Update to the Current Version

    • At the time of this publication, the most current version of Pidgin is 2.10.0. Pidgin makes periodic updates to its program to include new connectivity and security requirements for Yahoo! Messenger. Older versions of the program may not connect to the current chat client due to new log in requirements. The most recent version of Pidgin can be downloaded from

    Verify Your User Information

    • Because Pidgin manages multiple chat clients, you may have entered incorrect user information when entering your Yahoo! Messenger account information into Pidgin. To check the accuracy of your user information, launch Pidgin and click the "Accounts" option and navigate to the "Manage Accounts" selection. Highlight your Yahoo! Messenger account and click "Modify." Carefully re-enter your Yahoo! user name and password.

    Check Your Bandwidth

    • Each Internet connection has a cap on how much data can be sent through the line at one time. Any program that uses an Internet connection counts toward your bandwidth usage. In addition to computer programs, devices including smartphones and video game consoles connected to your home's Wi-Fi connection will also use bandwidth. Close any programs and disable any devices using an Internet connection to determine if bandwidth usage is preventing Pidgin from connecting to Yahoo! Messenger.

    Use a Wired Internet Connection

    • A study conducted by Epitiro in 2011 concluded that homes using wireless routers to connect to the Internet reported a 30% decrease in Internet speed versus those using a wired Internet connection. Most wireless routers have the ability to connect to computers through the use of an Ethernet cable. If you have the option, connect your computer directly to your router with an Ethernet cable to provide a more stable Internet connection for Pidgin to connect to Yahoo! Messenger through.

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