What Does Contains Vulnerability Mean in Kaspersky?

Malware does not have to attack your computer directly in order to compromise your system. It can also use loopholes, or vulnerabilities, in software you already have on your computer as a platform to gain unauthorized access. When your Kaspersky security scan says "Contains Vulnerability," it means that it has found such a loophole that malware might try to use.

  1. Malware

    • Malware refers to software that is designed to enter your system and gain permissions to files and software components that are supposed to be protected. This can result in your private data being stolen through keyloggers that record every key you type, the author of the malware getting direct access to your personal files, or using your computer to perform illegal acts online that will be traced back to your IP address instead of his. Operating systems try to prevent malware from working by allowing only programs the user authorizes to run or access sensitive system areas.


    • While some viruses try to find vulnerabilities in an operating system's security directly, others exploit vulnerabilities in programs that you have already authorized to run on your computer to compromise your system. If a piece of malware can exploit a vulnerability in a program you have already authorized to run, the malware can then use the program to install itself or gain access to your system. The system will not stop this because it just sees a program you have already authorized to run is doing something you have already authorized it to do.

    Computer Security Research

    • Firms that produce computer security software, such as Kaspersky, research emerging and existing malware threats floating around the Internet and produce software to detect and combat them. This involves looking for the code characteristics that identify malware so that scanners can detect them and keeping abreast of the latest vulnerabilities in different versions of specific software that hackers can try to exploit. This research leads to modules that keep their security software up to date on locating the latest cyber threats.

    "Contains Vulnerability"

    • When Kaspersky's security software scans your computer, it looks for both malware and programs with known vulnerabilities that hackers could try to exploit to compromise your computer's security. When your scan comes up with a result of "Contains Vulnerability," it means that it has located a system setting which could be putting your computer at risk, or a particular version of software that contains a known vulnerability. The scan results will provide additional details of the vulnerability and actions you can take to eliminate it. These can include patching the software to the latest version or instructions on how to change a system setting.

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