What Is Google Conduit?


Conduit is a company offering a marketing platform based on community toolbars that drive traffic to a site and create user loyalty. In 2007, the company signed an agreement with Google to make Google's search capabilities available to Conduit's clients. However, in 2010, Conduit announced that it was ending its partnership with Google and forming a new one with Microsoft's Bing search engine.

Conduit and Google

  • In 2007, when Conduit signed an agreement with Google, it had a network of "approximately 125,000 website publishers," according to the company's press release. It envisaged that this move would enable some five million users, who were clients of these publishers, to access the power of Google's search capabilities and take them "anywhere on the Web" straight from a Conduit-designed community toolbar. At the time, some of Conduit's "big name" community toolbar clients were Greenpeace, REMAX and Fox Carolina TV. Users of the Greenpeace website for example, could search via Google without having to leave the Greenpeace site.

Conduit and Bing

  • In 2010, Conduit issued a press release stating that its relationship with Google had ended and that it had started a new partnership with Microsoft's Bing search engine. At the time of the announcement, the number of Conduit's publishers had increased to 260,000 with 200 million users. Conduit president, Adam Boyden, said that the reason for signing the new deal with Bing was due to the fact that Conduit believed Bing offered a better user experience to Conduit's clients, and the "long- term potential for app innovation with Microsoft".

The Bing Factor

  • Conduit management also claimed that its clients could take advantage of all the features that are "unique to Bing." According to the company's press release, Bing provides a browsing experience that provides best search matches and features such as website previews and auto-suggest for searches. Other features are the ability to filter videos by length, source and aspect ratio. Most significantly for Conduit clients, Bing allows Web publishers to distribute apps directly via organic search results.

Conduit Apps

  • As of September 2011, all Conduit client apps became available via Bing, according to WebProNews. According to statements from Conduit, this move is a major advance in "solving app discoverability" on desktop browsers. For example, a search for an app from Conduit-s Groupon client takes the user straight to the official Groupon app powered by Conduit. The search for the app also returns organic and sponsored links to Groupon arranged in order of relevancy.


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