My GE Gas Range Makes a Humming Noise and Won't Heat


A gas oven range uses burners to ignite gas from the main line and provide varying levels of heat. Your GE range uses carefully controlled gas flow with ignition systems to provide this heat. If one or more burners is refusing to work and you hear a buzzing or humming noise from your oven, this means that something is interfering with either gas flow or the ignition process.

Gas Hook-Up Issues

  • The buzzing sound could be a sign that your range is not getting gas from the main line. This is a possibility if none of your burners will work and the buzzing sounds as if it is coming from the primary valves or line. If the oven was not hooked up to the gas correctly the valves will not work and you should check your main connections for problems, including fault valves.

Ignition Issues

  • If only some of your burners buzz and refuse to heat, the problem may be related to the ignition system. A rapid clicking can indicate that an ignitor is trying to work but failing, possibly due to misalignment or similar causes. If this is the case, you should be able to clean and adjust the ignition system to solve the problem.

Clogs and Blockages

  • Sometimes ignitors and the gas lines leading to burners can become blocked, clogged with soot and other contaminants. When this occurs the flame will be weak or nonexistent, and you may hear an accompanying noise from the valve or fuel line. Cleaning the burners can help solve this problem, but you may need to call in professional help to find the source of a blockage in the gas line.

Faulty Burners

  • Burners can fail on your GE range for a number of reasons. If you have an electric range, the heating element might be broken, and the noise you hear could be a sign of electrical problems stemming from an element crack or circuit failure. Gas range burners are simpler devices but may still need to be replaced to solve the problem.

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