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You can create a website on your Mac without needing to learn HTML.

If you want to share material online with people, you can make a website on your Mac using iWeb, a free application that Apple includes pre-installed on all new Macs. IWeb comes with a variety of templates and website page styles to help you share your writing, pictures, music and videos on the Internet. For example, you can create a new page using the “Photos” template, or a page based on the “My Albums,” “Movie” or “Blog” template, and then add the material you want to share.

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    • When you have some ideas that you want to share with people, you can type them into a text box placed anywhere on a page on your iWeb website, and then post them on the Internet for your visitors to read. For example, you could type biographical details about yourself in an “About Me” text box. You can also write and edit a document using Apple’s native TextEdit word processor, and then copy and paste it into an iWeb page’s text box. IWeb’s template also enables you to set up a blog, which you can update whenever you want to add more information. You can also post links to other websites that you think your visitors might find useful or entertaining.


    • If you have photos on your Mac that you want to share with people, you can post them on your iWeb website. The iWeb templates include pages for sharing individual photos as well as photo albums. You can also make a slideshow that will display images to your visitors in a specific sequence. Click “Show Media” at the bottom of the iWeb window, click “Photos” and then select images from the photos browser to drag onto your page. IWeb’s browser enables you to look at photos that you’ve organized with iPhoto, Apple’s native image management application.


    • All Macs come with the free GarageBand application, which you can use to make your own music or spoken word recordings. When you have an audio file that you want to share with people, you can post it on your iWeb website. Click “Show Media” at the bottom of the iWeb window, click “Audio” and select an audio file from your Mac in the iWeb media browsing window. Drag the audio file onto a page of your website. Visitors to your site click on the embedded audio file’s “Play” button to hear your sounds.


    • You can shoot a video with your digital camera or cellphone and then copy it to your Mac, or use the built-in webcam on your iMac or laptop to make a video. Apple includes the free iMovie application on all new Macs, which you can use to edit your video, adding subtitles, transitions, sound effects and captions or credits. When you are ready to show the world your creation, you can share the video on your iWeb website. Drag a video file from the iWeb media browser window onto a page of your website, and then click “Publish Site” to share your material on the Internet.

    Publish Your Site

    • When you’ve finished adding material to your website, you need to publish it on the Internet so people can view it. Click the name of your website in the left pane of the iWeb window. The “Site Publishing Settings” window appears. Click the “Publish To” drop-down menu. Click the “MobileMe” option if you have a MobileMe account. Apple is no longer accepting new MobileMe accounts, and is discontinuing the MobileMe service after June 30, 2012. Click the “FTP Server” option if you have set up your own domain with a website hosting service, and then type in your domain name, user name and password. Click “Publish Now” to publish your site.

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