I Cannot See the Flag Boxes on Yahoo Email

The Yahoo! Mail program can flag your inbox messages for further action. These flags do not appear as flag symbols, but as yellow stars located in the far right of the inbox or message screen. Yahoo! Mail can sort your inbox by flagged or starred messages for your attention and action.

  1. Access Your Yahoo! Mail Account

    • Open the Web browser. Type “Yahoo.com” in the URL address bar to bring up the Yahoo website. Sign in to open your Yahoo! Account with your Yahoo! ID and password. Click the “Sign in” button to open your account page. Click the “Mail” button to open the Yahoo! Mail program.

    Select the Message

    • You can flag a message in the inbox. Click the “Inbox” link on the left pane to display the list of messages. You can also click the “Inbox” tab to view the inbox. Click to add a check in the check box beside the message you wish to flag. You can add checks to more than one message. You can also click the message to open the message in a new window.

    Flag the Message

    • Click the gear button to display a list of commands. As you mouse over this button, these words appear: “More actions for selected email.” Click the “Flag” option. The keyboard shortcut is the “L” key. Flagging a message will display a yellow star at the far right of the inbox window and the open message window. You can also flag the message by clicking under the yellow star header in the far right of the inbox. A yellow star will appear in the column near the message date.

    Sort the Flagged Messages

    • You can sort a large number of messages to bring up the flagged messages. Click the “Inbox” tab or “Inbox” link to display the list of messages. Click the yellow star symbol beside the paper clip. Pointing over this star will display these words: “Click to sort by flagged messages.” The flagged messages will group separately from the unflagged messages. Click the yellow star again to move the group of flagged messages to the bottom or top of the inbox.

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