My BlackBerry Space Bar Is Not Working


A non-functional space bar on a BlackBerry keypad can make it difficult to operate the device. The problem can be the result of the phone's software not functioning properly or a hardware problem. After isolating the problem, determine the best method for fixing your BlackBerry to return it to normal functionality.

Quick Fix

  • Before ripping apart your BlackBerry to check or replace the keypad, reset the device. Resetting the software corrects minor software errors that may be causing the space bar to malfunction. To reset the BlackBerry, remove the phone's battery, reinsert the battery a few seconds later and then power the device on to see of the space bar still has an issue.

Dissassembly and Replacement

  • If a reset didn't fix the problem, you'll have to take the BlackBerry apart to correct the issue with the space bar. Before attempting to disassemble the BlackBerry, be aware that doing so voids your warranty. If your device is currently under warranty, you can contact your wireless carrier and request a replacement device. Depending on your carrier, you can take the phone into a retail store or service center for a repair by an authorized technician. To repair your BlackBerry on your own, you'll need either a T4 or T6 screwdriver, depending on your BlackBerry model, and a small stick to pry the BlackBerry open.

Keypad Replacement

  • BlackBerrys have two pieces to the keyboard: the plastic keypad you press down on and the actual keyboard on the device's control board. To get to the keypad, you must remove the battery, the two to six screws holding the faceplate in place and then pry off the faceplate. The location of the screws depends on your BlackBerry model. After the faceplate is removed, you can lift off the plastic keypad. Inspect the keypad, especially the space bar, for signs of damage. If you find any damage, replace the keypad and reassemble the device.

Keyboard Repair

  • If the BlackBerry's keypad looked in good shape, remove the keypad housing to get to the BlackBerry's actual keyboard. The keyboard is covered by a white sticker with small metal domes stuck to its underside. Peel off the sticker to reveal the copper circles on the keyboard. Inspect the domes under the sticker for any that are missing, damaged or deformed, and then replace the old sticker with a new sticker, if necessary. Finally, inspect the copper circles on the control board for rust or corrosion. If you find any, attempt to clean it using a stiff brush and isopropyl alcohol. However, rust and corrosion are signs of water damage and your space bar may never work again. If you still have problems after changing the keyboard sticker and cleaning the keyboard, you'll have to purchase another BlackBerry because phone has deeper problems that can't be fixed.

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