My Samsung CRT TV Makes a High Pitched Noise

When a problem causes your Samsung CRT TV to emit a high-pitched sound, several factors may be to blame. Potential culprits include signal trouble, electrical interference, problematic cabling and device failure. Troubleshooting allows you to determine the precise cause for the high-pitched noise you hear from your Samsung CRT TV. Although the warranty for your Samsung CRT TV most likely has expired, you may be able to resolve the problem without the assistance of a service technician.

  1. Signal

    • A broadcasting problem may cause your TV audio to emit a high-pitched noise. If you only hear the noise while viewing a particular channel, then the station may be having broadcast difficulties. When the problem persists regardless of channel, you must check your signal source. If you use an antenna, adjusting it may improve signal strength and stop the noise. If you have a cable or satellite connection, try connecting your TV to a different wall jack or receiver to rule out problems with specific hardware. Contact your service provider for additional assistance if the signal continues to prove problematic.

    Power Source

    • A faulty power cord or electrical outlet may cause your TV to emit a high-pitched sound whenever you turn it on. Inspect your Samsung CRT TV’s power cord for signs of damage, including bent prongs, exposed wires and cuts. Use a voltage tester to determine whether a problem exists with the wiring inside the electrical outlet. If you do not have a voltage tester, then connect your TV to an alternative power source to rule out problems with your home’s electrical wiring. For example, if you use a power strip, connect the TV to another power strip or directly into the electrical outlet to rule out a problem with the original power strip. In addition, you can connect your Samsung CRT TV to a different wall outlet to see if the noise continues. Contact an electrician for assistance if you find problems with the wiring inside your home.


    • A loose or faulty cable may be behind the high-pitched noise your Samsung CRT TV makes. Inspect the cable that connects your TV to the signal source. Change the cable if it the connector appears loose or if it fails to connect securely to the signal source or the input port on your TV. Replace the cable if you find any damage, including exposed wires and frays.


    • Certain devices emit electrical “noise” which may interfere with the proper operation of your Samsung CRT TV. Neon signs and hair dryers often cause interference, which may diminish audio and video quality. Turning off these devices or moving them away from your TV may resolve the problem. If you do not know whether a particular device is behind your TV’s high-pitched tone, turn it off and see if the problem persists.

    Device Failure

    • Occasionally, the high-pitched noise you hear is a result of the failure of hardware components inside your Samsung CRT TV. For example, when the internal speakers malfunction, you may hear noise, distorted audio or nothing at all. When this occurs, you can perform the repairs yourself or you can contact a repair technician for assistance.

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