The Differences Between a Victor & a Harris Style Gas Welder


Welders use gas torches to cut and weld metals by increasing the burn temperature you'd otherwise achieve when using room air alone. The burn temperature depends upon the gases used by the welder. You can heat propane and room air to 3,630 degrees Fahrenheit, propane and oxygen to 4,530 degrees Fahrenheit and an oxygen and acetylene mixture to 6,330 degrees Fahrenheit. When purchasing a gas welder, compare the capabilities of the machine with your specific needs.

Victor Journeyman II Torch

  • The heavy duty Victor Journeyman II cutting and welding torch comes standard with 20 feet of grade T 1/4-inch hose, an oxygen regulator and an acetylene regulator. You must possess or purchase the necessary gas cylinders because they don't come standard. Flashback arrestors and check valves on the handle maintain safety. The torch comes with one cutting and one welding nozzle. The torch cuts up to 3/4 inch with the included tip and up to 8 inches with optional tips. It welds from 1/2 inch to 3 inches with optional nozzles. As of November 2011, the average cost of this torch is almost $800.

Harris Classic Outfit

  • If you want a relatively inexpensive gas torch, the Harris Classic Outfit costs less than $425. It runs on oxygen and either propane or acetylene and includes the appropriate regulators, but doesn't include the cylinders. The torch includes 20 feet of 3/16-inch twin hose. You'll need to purchase a different hose if you want to use propane. It includes an all-weather tool kit to carry your striker, plus a cutting attachment, cutting tip and welding nozzle, as well as other tools. Your cutting capacity is 1 inch or smaller and you can weld up to 1/8 inch.

Victor Cutskill Portable Tote Kit

  • The Victor Cutskill Portable Tote Kit comes with 12.5 feet of 3/16-inch twin RM grade hoses and oxygen and acetylene regulators. This model comes with empty oxygen and acetylene cylinders. A plastic carrying case increases the portability of this welding torch, making it ideal for heating and air conditioning repair. Like the Journeyman II, this torch comes with one cutting tip and one welding nozzle. The tips allow you to cut up to 1.25 inches and the welding nozzle allows welds up to 3/32 inch. As of November 2011, the average cost of this torch is approximately $725.

Harris Welding and Cutting Outfit, #5

  • The Harris Welding and Cutting Outfit, #5 includes regulators and empty oxygen and acetylene cylinders like the Victor Cutskill portable torch. It includes 12 feet of 3/16-inch twin hoses. The welding nozzle allows up to a 1-inch weld and the cutting tip allows up to a 6-inch cut. As of November 2011, the average cost of this torch is approximately $740.

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