Why Can't Members Use an Avatar in VBulletin?

VBulletin is a forum platform that website visitors can use to exchange information, share feedback and socialize with other users. The vBulletin system allows each member to choose a small image, known as an avatar, to represent that individual’s forum account. You can allow your users to choose an avatar from a library of images that you upload to your forum, or you can allow members to upload their own custom avatars. If you don’t want avatars used on your vBulletin forum, you must configure your avatar settings accordingly.

  1. Enable Avatars

    • If your members are not able to use avatars at all, the Avatars option might not be enabled on your forum. Log in to your vBulletin administrator account and browse to the “Admin CP.” Select the “Options” menu from the control panel and click “User Picture Options.” Place a checkmark in the “Yes” option under “Avatars Enabled.” You can also change settings for your avatar library here. Click “Save” to enable avatars on your vBulletin forum.

    About Avatar Library

    • You can create a library of avatars from which your vBulletin members can choose. You might use this feature if your forum has a specific theme or you just want to offer users a set of default avatars instead of allowing them to upload their own. The “Avatar Management” section of the admin control panel lets you create categories for your avatar library and upload avatar images. Once uploaded, members will have the option to choose from the avatar images when they edit their profiles.

    About Custom Avatars

    • A custom avatar is an image that a member uploads to your vBulletin server from his own computer. If members can’t upload custom avatars, you may not have the custom avatar option enabled. If you have a robust selection of avatars in your avatar library, you might prefer to keep custom avatars disabled. This will prevent users from uploading avatars, but it also reduces the time you’ll spend moderating avatar images to ensure that users don’t attempt to post inappropriate pictures.

    Enable Custom Avatars

    • Once avatars are enabled on your vBulletin forum, you can also enable the custom avatar setting. Navigate to the “Options” menu and select “Avatars” to view your avatar settings. Place a checkmark next to “Yes” for the “Allow Uploads” option to enable custom avatars. You can configure other settings, such as the minimum number of posts that a user must make before being allowed to upload an avatar, the file size and the image dimensions. These settings prevent users from abusing the custom avatar system by uploading large or inappropriate images.

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