Caulking and Grease Style Guns

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Adding caulk around your windows will reduce your heating and cooling costs.

Caulking and grease style guns give you the ability to seal air leaks, prevent water damage and extend the life of your machinery. Performing routine maintenance with these tools can reduce your heating and cooling costs, prevent mold and make your vehicle or lawn mower last longer. Both tools are portable and work by pressurizing the attached contents, whether it’s a tube of caulk or a grease cartridge.

  1. Caulking Style Gun Uses

    • For as little as $8 at the time of publication, you can use a caulking gun and caulk to increase the heating and cooling efficiency in your home. Easily applied with a gun, caulk provides a seal for gaps around windows or door frames. It works best on gaps or cracks that measure 1/4-inch wide or less. Another common use for caulking guns and caulk is found in bathrooms and kitchens. Applying caulk to gaps around faucets, pipes, tile, drains and other plumbing materials can stop water leaks, damage and mold by keeping water out of areas that should remain dry.

    Types of Caulking Style Guns

    • While different types of caulking guns produce the same results, higher-end versions require less effort and produce less mess. Basic caulking style guns, including smooth and ratchet rod guns, can be purchased for just a few dollars. They are operated manually by the continuous application of pressure on the trigger, forcing the plunger into and through the caulk tube.

      Manual professional grade caulking guns provide extra features but still cost much less than powered caulking guns. Professional-grade styles offer a dripless design to prevent caulk from dispensing from the moment you release the trigger. Seal punches and cutters are other handy features that give you the ability to open caulk tubes and adjust the tip size.

      Battery-operated caulking guns cost substantially more, ranging from about $300 to about $600, but they give your hands a break by providing extra pushing force. This is especially helpful when using thick, sticky caulk.

      Another style offering extra power is the pneumatic, or air-powered, caulking gun. These guns connect to an air compressor to provide pushing force and also give your hands a break. Pneumatic caulking guns range in price from about $45 to about $500.

    Grease Style Gun Uses

    • Greasing the steering system can lengthen the life of your tractor.
      Greasing the steering system can lengthen the life of your tractor.

      Grease style guns are among the most common tools used to grease joints, connections and other components within vehicles, lawn equipment and other machinery. The gun allows grease to reach small openings in machinery made to allow lubrication. In vehicles, grease guns commonly provide lubrication for chassis components and drive shafts. The steering system on many tractors and lawn equipment also requires maintenance with a grease gun for extended use.

    Types of Grease Style Guns

    • Lever, pistol-grip, hand-grip, battery-powered and air-powered grease style guns account for the most widely used types of these applicators. Manual styles start around $8, and powered versions can cost more than $400. Lever grease guns offer the user ease of control and are an economical choice, although they require manual power from both hands. Pistol-grip grease guns are slightly easier to operate and just as the name indicates, they can be operated with one hand gripping the gun like a pistol trigger. Hand-grip grease guns, which have the hand pump attached to the top of the gun, sometimes allow easier access to machinery components than lever style guns. Battery- and air-powered styles reduce the manual exertion required to extract the grease; however, the added power can easily lead to overlubrication, which can damage equipment.

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