Does Verizon Have a Signal Booster for Home Use for Cells?


In 2009, Verizon Wireless started selling the Verizon network extender or signal booster for home use. The signal booster is perfect for Verizon customers who do not want to drop the service despite reception problems in their home. By using a broadband Internet connection, the Verizon signal booster can make your home a "femtocell," or mini cell site.


  • A signal booster is designed for people who live in areas with weak or poor Verizon wireless reception. Verizon claims to have the largest and most extensive mobile network in the United States, but there are still places that have reception issues due to a variety of factors such as rural locations, mountains and even regular foul weather. A signal booster will essentially create a mini cellular reception tower in your home.

How It Works

  • The Verizon signal booster uses your broadband Internet connection to boost the wireless reception signal. The booster uses a minimum 300 kilobits per second broadband connection to reroute your cellphone calls through the broadband. This is perfect for people who have a reliable, fast Internet connection but cannot get a strong cellular reception in their homes.


  • The Verizon signal booster will create a mini cellular tower in your home, providing good cell reception for improved call quality and text messaging for up to 5,000 square feet around the device. There are no extra fees associated with using the signal booster as has been the case for other cellular service providers. All models of Verizon Wireless compatible phones may use the device for improved reception and service.


  • Verizon's signal booster does have its limitations. Any app or service that uses GPS or the higher EV-DO speeds is not enhanced by the signal booster. High-speed EV-DO use must be accessed through a regular cell tower and cannot be accessed through the signal booster. GPS-enabled apps will still need a good GPS signal from satellites in order to function and are not supported by the signal booster. This includes popular Verizon Wireless services such as V Cast, VZ Navigator and Chaperone.


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