Can I Edit a VOB With VirtualDub?

You can use VirtualDub to modify a VOB file, but first the media will need to be converted into a supported format. VirtualDub is an open-source digital video capture and processing utility. The application was developed to make simple edits to footage before it is exported to tape or imported into another program. Although VirtualDub is not equipped with elaborate editing capabilities like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere, it is useful for trimming and cleaning up digital video.

  1. VOB File Format

    • VOB is a digital video format that stores media that has been encoded with the MPEG-2 compression standard. The file type was engineered to contain audio and video data that is published onto DVD. You can access a disc’s VOB files in a few simple steps. Load the DVD into your computer’s DVD-ROM drive and open the drive directory for the disc. The DVD’s VOB files will be stored in a folder labeled VIDEO_TS. They will be listed alongside other file types like BUP and IFO. Because VOB files are digital videos, they can be individually opened and viewed in media players like Windows Media Player, VLC and Media Player Classic. But if the DVD is copy protected like most commercial discs, then these contents will not be accessible.

    VirtualDub Supported File Formats

    • VirtualDub supports a variety of digital media formats. The application is compatible with AVI, DIVX, MPG, MPEG, MPV, M1V, DAT digital video formats, and GIF, PNG, JPG, BMP, FLM, ANIM graphics formats. VirtualDub can also modify digital audio tracks in the IFF format. VirtualDub is not compatible with the VOB format, but it is possible to load the file’s data into the application once it has been converted into one of the supported digital video formats.

    VOB Conversion

    • Several video conversion programs support VOB as input format and offer several output formats that are compatible with VirtualDub. AnyVideoConverter, iWisoft Free Video Converter and Oxelon Media Converter are a few examples of applications that can be used for this task. AnyVideoConverter is distributed in both Mac and PC versions. IWisoft Free Video Converter and Oxelon Media Converter are only compatible with Windows. All four of these example programs are free to obtain and use; other converter programs may have a cost.

    Loading Converted File

    • Once a VOB file has been converted into a supported format, it can be modified in VirtualDub. To make changes to the reformatted media, launch VirtualDub and go to the “File” tab on the program menu. Select “Open Video File…” and a file selection window will load. Browse for the reformatted media in the file selection window. Select the item and click “OK” to load it into VirtualDub. Like most video editing applications, clip changes in VirtualDub are guided by the placement of in and out points. An in point is placed at the first frame of an edited segment, while an out point is placed at the last frame.

    Editing Segments

    • To edit a segment of footage in VirtualDub, drag the play head on the clip timeline to the first frame. Go to the “Edit” tab and choose “Set selection start.” Drag the play head to the last frame. Return to the “Edit” tab and choose “Set selection end.” As a shortcut, you can press the “Home” key for the “Set selection start” command, and press the “End” key for the “Set selection end” command. If you want to erase the segment, go to the “Edit” tab and select “Delete.” But select “Copy” if you want to repeat the segment, or select “Cut” if you want to move the segment. If you are repeating or moving the segment, drag the play head to a desired insertion point and select the “Paste” command on the “Edit” menu. To save a copy of your edited media, go to the “File” tab and select “Save as AVI…” A confirmation message will appear when the digital video has been exported.

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